Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"baby in dere."

"baby in dere!" that's what Gemma says when she sees my belly (she also thinks there's a baby in her belly. and also one in JJ's). i am 17 weeks along with JF2! aren't i just so sneaky when i get pregnant? i just disappear from my blog and instagram (thank you, by the way, for all of your kind words. i do read all of your comments and i feel so special that you all took the time to congratulate me. loveeeeeya!) and then come out of hiding sometime in the second trimester. WHICH, by the way, is such a breeze. honestly i could do second trimester a hundred times. i've got my energy and appetite back (G watched a buttload of TV during the First Trimester Exhaustion & Sickness Hell), but not as big as a whale yet. so awesome! 

when i peed on the stick and it was a positive, G was standing in the bathroom with me (obviously. because it's so interesting to watch your mom use the toilet), and i smiled and said to her "oh my gosh! Gemma! i'm pregnant!" she mocked my excitement and said, "GOOD JOB MAMA!" it was the cutest thing in the world and i died laughing. 

Gemsie and i got so lucky again this year to be invited back to Hawaii by Mimi & Papa (poor old JJ had to stay behind and work). we had a ridiculously good time together. i shared a bed with G and the first morning i woke up first and watched her sweet little face sleeping, and got so excited that we were going to have sleepovers all week. by the time the last night rolled around, that sentiment wore off entirely and all i wanted was to read Divergent on my iPad in peace, without her creeping over to my side of the bed and whispering "Guppies peasthe, Mama?" ("Guppies please, Mama?" she knows there are Bubble Guppies on the iPad, so whenever she sees it, that's what she immediately demands. it's very annoying. i created a monster!)

so far everything seems to be about the same as when i was pregnant with Gemmerjams. the key differences:

1. i actually have a Gemma this time around. who does not stand for babies in utero to get in the way of her enjoyment of life. she does not care when i am tired. she does not appreciate a belly getting in the way of her comfortable lap-sitting. and she certainly does not give an F that the reason i'm eating more treats is purely circumstantial because i have a mad pregnancy sweet tooth. if i get a cookie, Gemma gets a cookie, dammit. which sadly results in many 10-second sneak trips to the pantry in which i stuff a cookie in my mouth, quickly chew and swallow, and then act very nonchalantly when she finds me, like i was just doing something boring like checking the laundry. 

top notch family photo from Easter. "smile Gemma" 

2. the size of my belly. like, get out of here! 8 weeks and that thing was already busting through my jeans buttons ready to party. i've had multiple people ask me: "are you sure there aren't twins in there?" shut up.


3. with Gemma, i craved citrus. with this one, it's Reese's Puffs cereal. OHMYGODDDDDD. all day long i could eat that shit. 

4. i'm 1,000x more lax this time around. i didn't touch caffeine or soft cheeses with Gemma. i also paid big bucks for fancy designer prenatal vitamins. THIS time...any and all cheeses are consumed, coffee is a complete necessity to survive my days with a ninja-ape toddler, and i get the target brand prenatals. also, when we went to Chicago and i didn't know i was yet "with child" (literally a week post conception), i got totally shitfaced with JJ's sister at the rooftop bar of our hotel (JJ's mom had to call the bar and tell us to come home). but alas, the baby prevailed! his/her heartbeat is strong and steady and the doctor said it's totally fine. and for the record, so you don't think i'm a complete asshole, i will not be drinking alcohol again until the baby is born. 

5. this one was expected! JJ and i were thrilled to find out we were having another baby! there were no looks of panic due to unpreparedness or lack of insurance coverage and such. it was fun to share the excitement with him. i even bought him socks that say DILF on the bottom (yes, they're Arthur George. forgive me) as a commemorative gift!

so anyway, baby is due October 7 (not finding out gender again!), so until then, i will be trying to figure out how to fit another human into my house.


  1. Congrats!! You look so cute, also I LOVE puffs cereal. literally its the best ever in life.

  2. Oh my gosh! You are the most cutest preggers girl of all time! Congrats on the new baby (or "good job" Iol) can't wait to keep reading about all your adventures. Love your blog!

  3. I love that sweet little JF.dos bump! This status is one of my favorite things about today- BLOG OFFICIAL! :) xo.

  4. Love it all! I'll be crossing my fingers for October 2nd - Jemma's bday or October 5th - mine! October people are rad :)

  5. I bet it's a lot less stressful the second time around. With Gemma distracting you, for one thing :) You look great, and I can't wait to hear how the pregnancy goes!

  6. congratulations!! so wonderful for y'all. can't wait to hear all of your updates!

  7. yayayay! So excited for you guys! and it is 100% not fair how cute you are when preggers.

  8. Congratulations!!!! A lot of my friends had tequila charged nights right before finding out they had a bun in the oven.... some of the smartest small humans I know!!


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