Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"nap time"

Gemma's naptimes have been a bit sketchy lately. she used to go right down to sleep, but now she effs around in her crib for a good 20-40 minutes before falling asleep. i was starting to wonder what the hell she was doing in there, so i finally set up the baby monitor app again, and i have had some pretty hilarious findings. introducing the new "nap time" series! they will be screenshots of what Gemma is doing while she is supposed to be napping. i thought we'd kick off with this treasure:

just a little boogie picking.


  1. I'm a real big fan of this series. Keep em' coming! I wish I could post with a pic of what Isla does effing around before a nap :)

  2. hahaha, I think I'm going to like this series :)


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