Monday, May 19, 2014

a day for a mom

GREETINGS! i haven't really been keeping up with pregnancy updates, so i'll start off with an 18-week shot of JF2 (two weeks old) taken the tuesday before mother's day. it was a cold and rainy day. damn you, Seattle.

BUT THEN the sun came out and it was perfect. we were outside all of last week, so i didn't even get to blog about my perfectly wonderful mother's day!

actually it wasn't perfect for poor ol' G. she came down with a diarrhea virus that was straight death and destruction. death in the sense that JJ and i LITERALLY ALMOST DIED from the smell (candles and lighting matches and all the windows open, etc) and destruction being the amount of times we had to strip her crib down and wash the sheets. the poor girl's belly was just rotten. the good news is though, she got pretty good at differentiating between farts and poops, and that is a very valuable life lesson.

sick baby was even tired enough to take a nap in my arms. it was bittersweet. so sad because she wasn't feeling well, but i was thrilled to hold sleeping Gemmie.

JJ and i didn't get to spend the weekend with either of our own moms, so we sent little tokens of love to them instead. i bought my favorite tea towels from Target and needle pointed their first initial on them in pink thread (my Grandma taught me how to needle point when i was a kid, it was fun to do it again!) and i wrote the exact same message on each of their cards (busted!) but every word is true. we are so lucky to have them!

we skipped church because of Diarrhea Gem, and JJ made me breakfast in bed like the hero he is. homemade buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes (OHMYGOD YES) and berries and a mocha. well, i made the mocha because he doesn't do it right, but still, it was perfect! so delicious. Diarrhea Gem was only supposed to eat plain toast and pedialyte. but JJ slipped her one coin-sized pancake (sans choc chips).

then i got the most thoughtful card ever from my hubbles that made me cry, and a whole slew of tulips! and after Diarrhea Gem had her next diarrhea episode, we thought we had a couple hours before another struck, so we quickly headed to the mall, where JJ said i could pick out a pair of BIRKENSTOCKS. (you guys, before you yell at me, you must know that Birkenstocks are back in style! don't believe me? read this. Anna Wintour doesn't lie!!!) i thought about going with the classic double strap black ones but thought that maybe i wouldn't be able to pull that off while pregnant (i.e. fat hippie), and so i ended up picking the black thong style and i just adore them. so comfortable and my back isn't hurting from shitty sandals with no arch support.

we then went to lunch at Nordstrom Cafe, and just as we were finishing up, we smelled a Terrible Smell. it was Diarrhea Gem. after a quick diaper change (even though it was mother's day, i split the diarrhea diapers with JJ because it would have been just plain cruel to make him handle 100% of them), we headed home.

and while Diarrhea Gem took a nap, JJ, Cleo and i sat outside and enjoyed the sun. i was elbow deep in bag of cool ranch doritos (they have been HITTING THE SPOT lately) until JJ yelled at me about chemicals and MSG and took the bag away from me. rude.

we spent the evening hanging out, and i was pleased as punch to be spending my special day with the two people who made me a mom (three if you count JF2). i love these goons!


  1. You are selling those Birks. I'm telling ya'...they've never looked better! Oh and is there anything cuter then that sleeping Gem? I think not!

  2. I own those exact Birks and they are the BEST. So comfy!


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