Friday, May 9, 2014

a few of our favorite things

we haven't done one of these in a while! and Gemma is starting to get very particular about what she likes and doesn't like. what she likes most is to put coins in her mouth. but that's not going on the list. and she still favors the monkeys that she's adored almost her entire life. i highly recommend them! 

ok here it is, G-the-almost-two-year-old's favorites!

1. Grimm's Small Rainbow Nesting Blocks: she got this from the Easter bunny and it really is a fun little toy! it allows for many different stacking options and encourages imagination. Gem likes to make the rainbow, call out the colors, wreck it, then start over again.

2. Brio Pull Along Bumble Bee: she got this as a Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa and it's so cute to watch her pull it all around the house. she says "walk bee mama! bye bye!" it makes the most adorable little buzzy-sound (NOT battery-related thank GOD. just a little clicking noise) and his wings twirl when he's moving.

3. Little Critter: Grandma, Grandpa and Me: for some reason, Gemma is completely OBSESSED with this book. loves it so much that she even took a bite out of one of the corners. i received it as a shower gift, and from the moment i brought it out, it was love at first sight. i remember these books from my childhood, so it's fun to read them to her (remember the mouse and spider hiding on every page?!) we've got to order her a couple more, because this damn story of grandma's pie winning the blue ribbon at the country fair because it has the most love in it, is getting REAL OLD.

4. Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Calin: this is the sweetest little baby doll there ever was. i love Corolle because they have a doll for every stage of a little girl's (or boy's!) life. she even smells good! G like to pat her on the back and say "FI-YAAA!" which obviously means, "put in her pacifier now please."

5. Corolle Doll Stroller: mostly this is a favorite because it rams into a person's shins and makes them howl, but Gemmie does like to push her baby around in it. she also puts little treasures (monkeys, "ball gowlfs" ((golf balls)), "cappish" ((chap stick)), coins, etc) on the hood. which is so funny because that's where i put my phone and keys when i'm pushing Gem around in her stroller. she pays more attention to what i'm doing that i think! 

6. DwellStudio Thermos: this started out as a battle between friends. the sweet little boy in my MMM group had one, and his two bully girlfriends kept stealing it. so we decided that each of the kids should have their own. turns out it is the BEST cup! keeps things cold forever (duh, it's a Thermos) and can handle the abuse of a toddler throwing it out of shopping carts, strollers, etc. we keep it in my purse for when we're out and about. the perfect on-the-go cup. 

7. Native Shoes 'Jefferson': Gemma L-O-V-E-S these shoes. "WED SHOES!!!!" i have to hide them from her sometimes when i want her to wear something different. i originally bought them for our trip to Disneyworld so she would stay nice and comfy, but now they will be a staple in her wardrobe for many years. they're basically a stylish version of Crocs (there is nothing i hate more than a pair of Crocs. nothing). they're water-proof, blister-proof, indestructible and nothing short of amazing. the most perfect summer shoe there ever was. 

8. Moulin Roty Mouse Backpack: G received this as a gift from Nannie & Bear for her first birthday, and she thinks it's so cool. she wears it around the house, and many times will not leave the house without it. this is THE CUTEST thing she owns. my heart swells every time i see her wearing it.

9. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike: this thing is the SHIT (thanks to my Mimi & Papa! it was a Christmas gift). it takes a kid from baby to full-blown tricycle-riding toddler. right now JJ and i can push her around in it, but eventually that long handle piece (and all the other safety pieces) come off and it turns into a regular trike. so cool! 


  1. I legit HATE Crocs too, but of course my Mom came over with them for her one day and they are her FAVORITE shoes ever in life. So, thank you for the suggestion of stylish ones I will definitely be buying her some of those so I can get rid of her damn Crocs!

  2. thanks for including our gift! Gemma has so many cute things!

  3. Isla LOVES Mercer Mayer also! She got the Easter one for Xmas and when she was locked in the car last week (FAIL!) she read it 10x and smiled at me through the window--THANK YOU MERCER MAYER! I need to get everything else on this list---Hello Amazon ;)

  4. Every time I see that mouse backpack I am so jealous! I want a mouse backpack.


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