Thursday, May 29, 2014

G is two

Gemma is 2! TWO! she's 25 pounds now ("that's a quarter of the way to 100, L" said JJ pensively), is going to start drinking big kid 2% milk and says "i luffoo too mommy" when i tell her i love her. she's as strong as an ox, is a little turd, and gives the loveliest kisses.

we blew up 20 balloons the night before her birthday and in the morning before she woke up, i said "JJ we gotta go put the balloons in her crib!" and he said, "be right back, gotta poop real quick." A FULL 30 MINUTES LATER, he came out of the bathroom and she was already awake, but we brought in the balloons...she was still so excited, even though it wasn't a surprise. and i suppose this pink balloons in her bed on her birthday thing is a tradition now, since we did it last year too!

JJ made waffles with whipped cream and raspberries for the birthday girl.

and then we took her to Petco for her Big Birthday Surprise! she got to pick out any fish that she wanted! well actually, any Beta fish that she wanted. we had our sights set on this fat goldfish but the Petco lady was all "you'll need a 20-gallon tank for that one" so we like threw it back in the water and grabbed a Beta instead. G picked out blue and green gemstone rocks for the bowl, we grabbed a 100-year supply of Beta food, and we went to checkout. then the cats for sale caught JJ's eye and he took Gemmie over to see them. i paid for the fish things and they were still loitering by the cats, so i went over there. that's when JJ turned to me with sad, worried eyes and said, "L. this is a 7-year-old cat. let's buy it. no one else is going to. i want to save it." HE WANTED TO BUY A USED CAT YOU GUYS. i was like, "NO guy, we are not buying an old fart cat today. besides, if you really want an old fart cat, we can bring Chanel back home to live with us." that got him to be quiet, but i like had to drag him out of Petco. he kept stealing glances back at Old Cat until we were out of the parking lot.

i asked Gemma what her new fish's name was and she said, "Daddy Fishy." which is what she calls him. i kind of have hurt feelings.

and then we had to go to Discount Tire because SOMEONE SLASHED MY BACK LEFT TIRE (actually, the tire man said it was probably an impact slash from hitting a curb. whatever, what does he know anyway?! i'm a good driver!) and G ran amok in the place until she settled in to watch some PBS on my phone while i got really into an old I Spy book that was in the magazine rack.

then we went home, made the spaghetti sauce for dinner and she went down for a nap. i made chocolate chip cookies and cleaned the house. when she woke up, JJ came home and we went for frozen yogurt! the young man who worked at Menchie's did a magic trick for us and gave Gemstone a balloon.

and when we got home, she opened presents! 

we got about 8,642 FaceTime calls, and then our good friends came over for dinner and we indulged in the spaghetti feast! at which point Gemma decided she no longer likes spaghetti. kasjdhfsahkjdfah JJ bribed her to take a bite with the promise of cookies for dessert, then she finished her spaghetti.

we watched the Kings choke in double overtime (can the hockey season just. please. be. OVER. already?!?!) and birthday girl checked on Daddy Fish before settling into bed.

it was a wonderful day.


  1. happy birthday to Gemma! I love her fish dress, and that picture of you two eating ice cream :)

  2. Daddy-Fishy is the cutest (although I would be slightly jilted too. Love that little lady- perfect birthday-day!

  3. Sounds like a perfect birthday for turning two! Happy birthday Gemma!!

  4. Happy belated birthday, Gemma! And 25 pounds??? Jonas is 22! I am a little jealous, haha....I am seriously getting weight lifter biceps here.

  5. That outfit on her! I die! Two comes so fast but this stage is so fun.


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