Thursday, May 1, 2014


10 things that have happened. mostly Gemma things.

1. we planted flowers! (and by "we," i clearly mean JJ and my dad) L's secret garden 2014! (sexual innuendo pun definitely intended) that gorgeous flower is a peony! i got a peony TREE. they exist. and they grow 6-8 feet tall. i'm so excited! i also got two tomato plants. everything else JJ and my dad picked out. boring stuff like begonias and shit. 

2. Gemsie Bear went on her last free-as-a-lap-infant flight. bittersweet. she's so grown up! it will be great to have her very own seat for future flights. not so great to have to pay for her very own seat. and what a lucky girl she was: we got bumped to first class on her last free flight! it was quite fun. we acted like we belonged there and everything. 

3. G fed an alpaca a carrot while wearing a tutu. it's not everyday you get to do that, you know.

4. shut up Cleo. at JJ's parents' house, my dumb dog kept perching on that cart.

5. Gemma learned how to instagram. she almost posted this artsy shot of her sandaled feet.

 6. Gemma had her first Taco Bell! in Hawaii! don't worry, i didn't feed her grade F meat! barf. i got her a cheese roll-up. which, by the way, she garbled down so fast. she was still hungry...and since we were at a food court...i got her McDonald's fries. hahahhaahahaa my Mom and JJ almost had heart attacks when i sent them this picture. c'mon you guys, the kid's gotta live a little! 

7. the sun came out--and it was GLORIOUS! all of the stay-at-home-moms changed out of their yoga pants and went outside! miracles do happen. we had a zoo morning yesterday and an awesome beach day today. perfection!

8. JJ's parents' dog Zoe and Gemma had a tug-of-war with JJ's mom's bra.  

8. G floated away on a chalk balloon.  

10. we popped into the Aulani Resort in Hawaii for brunch (Disney magic WHENEVER and WHEREVER. i'll take it!) and Gemma spotted Goofy from a mile away. she gasped and said "OH GOOFY!" and ran right into his crotch for a nice long, awkward embrace. 


  1. So many good things! I"m jealous of your sunshine. It's been gray and blah all week here. I still went out everyday, though, so I'm proud of Elise and I :) Yesterday our only outting was to Target, but still, it counts. And I"m working on making mom friends, too, and had two lunch dates with groups of moms this week!

    Gemma and the dog with Anne's bra is hilarious. She cracks me up! Is the tutu from Anne, too? She sent Elise one that looks the same. It's a little big, but I can't wait for her to wear it!

    Now will you send some of your nice weather to Chicago??

  2. I have so many things to say about this: First, back to back posts. You are kicking the 2nd Tris A**! Get it girl!
    Second- Gem is a budding Photog- LOVE sandaled feet IG!
    Third- Anne's Bra---HAHHAHAHA. Dying.
    Oh Goofy!!! Love it. xo.

  3. I need to see this magical yard! Look at all those amazing plants!

  4. Nora looked at all the pictures and said, "Hi Demma!" and "Hi ZoZo!" where appropriate. Maybe someday we can have a holiday together that doesn't include Hand Food and Mouth, Shingles, or anything else icky that keeps our babes apart.

  5. Hi there! You so nicely emailed me months and months ago with questions about breastfeeding and I again thank you for that. Now, I am back with another question...lucky you. :) Can you please tell me how you like those headphones you used on the flight, and if so, what brand are they?

    Thanks a ton, I am hoping my little guy would be as good of a traveler as your cutie!


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