Friday, May 2, 2014


thanks to Sand for capturing this shot at the beach today. G is on a chocolatey-mouthed-post-cookie high and hey! what do you know, my pregnant lady double chin has snuck up on me, god dammit.

being a stay-at-home mom often times means that i don't know what the hell day it is. i know days only by our weekly scheduled playdates (i.e. MMM is this morning--oh! it must be monday! and yay! Sand and I.Baby come over today--oh! it must be wednesday!, etc.) except when it's friday. when it's friday i shout "TGIMFF!!!!" all day (THANK GOD IT'S MFING FRIDAY)

on fridays i cannot be irritated. on fridays i do not care that my shithead of a stove/oven is free standing and wobbly in my kitchen. on fridays i do not care about laundry. or messes. or Cleo (just kidding, Cleo. kind of ). on fridays i am just like everyone else in America: CHEERS TO THE WEEKEND!!!

and it's not because i am free from work for two days (SOL there, L) it's mainly because it's etched into my brain that fridays are the best day ever. after years of school and desk jobs running my existence, i can't help it! it's ALSO because it means that we get to hang out with JJ all weekend long. it's pretty great. we very much enjoy each other to the fullest extent (i.e. drive JJ so bat-shit crazy that he is thrilled to go to work by the time monday rolls around). we are going to Sesame Street live this weekend (expecting some major excitement there), the lilacs are in bloom (LILACS SMELL THE BEST), and after a busy and full week of sun and love, we are ready for a cozy and rainy weekend inside. also my shipment of Nespresso pods arrived today (FIST PUMP).

TGIMFF to you too.


  1. TGIMFF indeed! Loooove Fridays

  2. I love that shot and every one of the 6 that preceded it :) I didn't even notice the double chin! You're gorgeous Mama! :)

  3. Yes!!! I never imagined weekends would mean that much when I don't work all week, but they are the best! Daddy hangs are the best.


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