Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2 year old gemma jules

my mom has these photo books of all four of us girls that are the coolest! i love looking through mine when i'm at my parents' house, and comparing the differences between me and my Gemmie. the book starts with my very first newborn hospital picture, then for each month until i turned 1, there is a professional photo pasted on each page. after that, it goes by year. all the way until junior year of high school (senior photo blown up, framed and hanging in hallway ((white American Eagle blouse and hot pink fingernail polish!!!)), as all senior photos seem to be). it's just so amazing to physically see the growth and change in that first year of life, then each year after (6th grade get out of here--omg those glasses! that hard rock cafe jean jacket...THE UNIONBAY OVERALLS!), noticing things here and there (my mom NEVER let me get the neon lights in the background. how rude! also, good job, mom. those things are hideous. just hideous. the year i begged to have my pictures done at a photo studio instead of using school pictures, so they could digitally re-touch my face to delete my acne. BRACES! the year i wore my dance team uniform. the year i grew out my bangs!) that flood my soul with the bits and pieces and memories that made my childhood intrinsically mine, ya know? it's an absolutely wonderful stroll through yesteryear each and every time i look at that book.

which is why i'm so mad at myself for not being better about creating hard copies of Gemma's life. i mean, it's easy to be like "YEAH, i document my kid's life! i have an iPhone! and Instagram!" but really, i don't do much in the way of photobooks. i intend to change that. it's on The Great List (of shit i have GOT to do before the baby comes). i never got around to having professional pictures of Gemma taken each month, and originally i had thought it ridiculous to have her photos done even every year, but WTF c'mon L, you have a very dear friend who also just happens to be a photographer who captures magic. HOW LUCKY! why NOT have Gemma's pictures taken once a year?! 

and so we waited for a sunny day and went out to this wonderfully woodland area (srsly, we totally expected a wild bunny to hop across in the background--it was so perfect!), and Sandi spent literally four minutes with Gem in a dress and a crown snapping these pictures below (this does not include the time she spends editing of course!!), and when she sent them to me, i was so so so happy i asked her to take them. i now have physical pictures to illustrate and remember exactly who my Gemma is right now in this time of our life, down to every little detail (the tongue out as she concentrates! her "CHEEEEEESE!!" face, the little chipped-polished fingers holding up the skirt of her dress, the face she makes when i say "Gemma..." in a warning tone that means "DON'T YOU DARE EVEN THINK OF RUNNING AWAY FROM ME RIGHT NOW, CHILD"). in those four minutes of Sandi snapping, my whole world, my Gemma, is forever captured just as she is at 2 years old. 

and now this post has gotten so sappy! motherhood, man. dammit. 

without further adieu, the pictures that i won't shut the hell up about!!! a million thanks to my Sandi, who is just too good.

Sandi's daughter Isla also happens to be Gemma's little gal pal. she snuck in for a few shots :)

Gem's dress: Gap, sold out
Gem's belt: J.Crew (like 8 years ago)


  1. Obviously I love this post ;) It was most definitely my pleasure-- there is no better perk to the job than knowing that these sweet little sessions will be cherished for years to come and someday when Gemma's a Mama (my heart swells just thinking of that!) she will be flipping through these very shots to see which of her features look like her own sweet baby's! melts me. It helps that I adore your girl. Her little personality glows bright ;) xo.

  2. Oh my gosh. Those pictures are absolutely adorable!! Love the idea of the picture book. I had dutifully taken monthly pics of Sam his first year but never got around to printing them, and then my youngest sister accidentally deleted them all from the camera :( :( :(

  3. OMG she looks just like JJ in that second picture!

  4. Bear said the same thing about that second picture--she looks like JJ there. Love this little nugget so much! Good work, Sandi!


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