Tuesday, July 15, 2014

25 things

shitballs, i know. it's been a long time, ye old bloggeroo. today i was thinking to myself "i should write in Gemma's baby book." and usually i'm all "nah, it's fine. i put her milestones on the blog, so i'm covered." WELL I HAVEN'T BLOGGED IN AGES. so basically it's like all of these things that happened never actually happened. they are perfect and wonderful things that disappear like a whispering wind (note to self: Disappear Like a Whispering Wind is great name for romance novel) if i don't document them. for instance, i didn't share the story of Gemma's first full sentence ("oh SHIT, mama. that's hot!" when i set a bowl of soup in front of her) or about how my 99 cent tomato plants are growing at an incredible rate (i'm practically a farmer now) and i got so mad at Gemma for plucking the biggest tomato off before it was ready (i still ate it. because, like, C'MON, it was my first ever tomato that i grew with my own two hands! also, it was gross. because it was green still) or about how Gemma loves to jump off the diving board.

so anyway, this isn't an empty promise to myself that i'll blog more often, but dammit, i need to blog more often! so here are 25 things. 25 things that we've been up to this summer.

1. we picked raspberries at a family friend's house and they were so wonderful and fresh and delicious. and Gem was eating them faster than we could pick them. 

2. we've been enjoying lots of swimming pools! this was taken at my friend KKiss' parents house. this was also the first day she jumped off the diving board. 

3. Gempop is obsessed with all the cows that ever existed. "HEYGUYSLOOKCOWS" and "WHITECOWRUNNINMAMA" and "OOHLOOKATDATCOW" is all we heard on our 4-hour road trip to Oregon last week.

4. G had her first s'more. it was a hit! she likes them deconstructed better than as a sandwich, though. also, it should be stated here that we now make s'mores with reese's peanut butter cups. YOU GUYS. stop. stop using Hershey's. use the peanut butter cups. GAME. CHANGER. you will never look back.

5. i went to my 10-year high school reunion. and i was pregnant. i mean, terrible planning on my part. but it was such a wonderful time. all of my old drunk classmates drinking Busch Light out of cans and rubbing my belly all night long until 1 a.m. was perfectly intimate and oddly comforting. there's just something about growing up in a small town!! and it was also the first time the Fab5 (and the babies!) have been all together. 

6. on rainy summer mornings, G likes to put on her rain boots and hoodie and take her baby for a walk on the deck.


8. Gemsie got her first real salon haircut! $30 for like, 3 snips. but whatves. it looks SO much better. she got to pick out a movie to watch (Winnie the Pooh) during the 4 minutes it took to trim off her mullet. right before the woman started, G shyly looked up at me and said, "mama hold my hand" and she hung onto it the whole time. it was the cutest thing in the world and i almost died.

9. we were in a 4th of July parade!

 she was so adorable in her little red, white and blue outfit. and so were JJ and Cleo. the picture below was taken right before G insisted on walking Cleo down the street by herself. then she tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and fell into some bark, yelling "DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT! CLEO!" for all to hear. and it wasn't even Cleo's fault. it was her own fault. but Cleo is used to getting blamed for many things.

10. corn on the cob. lots and lots of corn on the cob. 

11. farmer's marketing.

12. Cleo got a haircut and while we were waiting in the PetSmart parking lot, JJ let Gemma drive. but she really wasn't interested in driving. she was interesting in rolling down the windows, honking the horn 800 times and turning up the volume of her music to 5,000.

13. accidental and hilarious selfie.

14. road trips!

15. JJ paddle boarded  for the first time! (i tried, but my belly wouldn't let me balance).

16. these two pals! (we were in Sunriver for a family reunion and had so much fun. Sunriver is the best!)

17. just getting some sun on that big ol belly.

18. cranky. while we road trip, Gemmie insists on listening to her own music. but she won't let us sing along. she puts her hands out and shouts, "STOP. DON'T SING DAT, GUYS" #rude.

19. today marks the first day of week 28, the beginning of third trimester. WHAT?!?!!! this pregnancy has flown by. FLOWN. i just don't even know where the time goes. i have purchased a small handful of new baby things and i put them into a drawer last night and realized that i totally have a color scheme going on and i didn't even mean to! it's fun to hold little teensy tiny baby things in my hands, i just can't wait for the him/her to get here! well, actually i kind of can. because we have a lot to do before then. BUT REALLY, we are so excited! also, for the record, i think boy and JJ thinks girl.

20. ICED MOCHAS! galore. the Nespresso machine is the best thing that ever happened to me. (also, my iPad in the background reminds me: if you need a new book to get hooked on, the All Souls Trilogy is so addicting! like a mix between Harry Potter and Twilight with elements of history and classic literature and science all twisted together. the third book comes out this month! also FYI: it's cheaper on the Kindle app than iBooks.

21. outdoor summer concerts with BFFs! we hit one up this morning. there was lots of booty shaking (and snack eating and children running away and being naughty and moms kind of wishing we had leashes for the animals children) and clapping and adorableness.

22. beach days! full of sandy buttcracks and sandy sandwiches. and also duck chasing.

 23. because summer=eating watermelon outside in the grass. DUH!

24. i'm growing out my bangs. >SIGH< for the 8billionth time. i always get super pissed off when they reach my eyes, and then i cut them. BUT THIS TIME I'M NOT GIVING UP. the prenatals are making my hair grow fast, so i'm sticking to it! on the way home from Sunriver, while reading in the car, i searched high and low for a bobby pin to pull them back, but couldn't find one. so i used one of Gemma's bows instead. and she was absolutely NOT OK with it. "DATS MIIIIIINE BOW MAMA, NOOOOO!" and sobbed and sobbed. and i was like, "actually, it's mine because i bought it. also you need to share with me and be nice." but she just continued wailing. sometimes it's just SO HARD being a two-year-old, ya know?

25. i golfed! well, i putt-putt golfed.

and there you have it. the Hansens have been keeping busy! talk soon. xx


  1. gemma's cursing might be my favorite thing IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! ps it's always so fun to read your blog entries!! :)

  2. so glad you are back! me and my bff love your blog, and when she texted me telling me you posted I got so excited!!

  3. Lacie; your blog has been one of the hi-lights of my summer! (I only found your blog in June) Looking forward to more hilarity as the summer continues!

    p.s. I have been looking everywhere for coconut La Croix with no luck!

  4. Isla has that poop book too! "Tinkle, Tinkle Too- I did it. Undies, Undies, Undies!!" I laughed at so many of these-- glad you're back lady! xo.


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