Wednesday, July 30, 2014


yesterday was my birthday! i'm 28 and very adult-like now. and it was so hot that i put on a bikini. my neighbor's chickens were probably horrified at the sight. anyway, my smile is fake in that pic. because SOMEONE was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad friend all day. who spit in my face, refused to nap, and broke the new picture frame i got for my birthday. by 5 p.m. this was the scene: a toddler dressed only in undies and a ball cap, sobbing on the hardwood floor because i asked her not to lick my arm for the 700th time. all day i kept saying to Gemma, "it's my birthday, you have to be nice to me," but she did not give a rat's ass what day it was. 

highlight: the morning started off nicely...we went to my doctor's appointment (and scheduled my c-section!!), then picked JJ up from the airport (a bachelor party followed by a business trip in LA, we were so excited to have him back!) and he worked from home for the rest of the day. 

highlight: i got a birthday package from my friend Sam: new swaddles for JF2! you know you're a mom when you get excited over a birthday present that is actually for your unborn child. my friend KitKat also sent me a maternity sundress last week for my birthday and i practically passed out from excitement because it meant i would have something new to wear! thanks you guys! loveyaaaa!

and so, instead of going out to dinner to celebrate my birth and meet up with friends for dessert as we had planned (since a massive 2-year-old eruption of exhaustion and hatred was sure to happen), we spent the evening sitting on the couch watching bubble guppies and eating a baguette and cheese and also one king sized kitkat bar that i did not share. and then (another highlight!!) JJ gave me my presents: one ice cream cake and tickets to Disneyland (including one night in a hotel) in January! i'm so excited!!

this morning we had a fun little backyard playdate with our friends Sandi & Isla, and right now i am eating more ice cream cake and watching some GemmaTV.



  1. Oh Gemstorm.................

  2. happy belated!! xoxo, the interwebs

  3. I am cracking up.......hahahahahha!.....oh Gemma! She obviously didn't get the 'mom's birthday' memo!


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