Monday, July 28, 2014

a few of our favorite things: potty edition

disclaimer: for those of you who don't have children or who just don't give a shit about potty training, you might want to just skip this post.

potty training is going great! big girl panties are Miss G's most favorite thing! although peeing in the potty seems to come more naturally than pooping in the potty for some reason...?? her accidents consist mostly of shitting her pants instead of peeing in them. she wears big girl panties at home (we haven't braved the public in them yet, 50% because i don't want to deal with a Target Poo, 50% because i don't think she's quiiiiiite ready. i'm debating on disposable training pants or training underwear for our outings) and diapers when we are out, or when she's sleeping.


playing while waiting for tinkles.

anyway, i thought we'd share a few of our favorite potty training things if you happen to be in the same place as we are!

1. Big Girl Panties: a cute little book to get little gals excited about wearing undies. G loves this one.

2. Method Minnie Mouse Hand Soap: we wash hands about 8,000 times a day right now. Minnie is a fan favorite in our house so this was a no-brainer. and also it smells delicious. plus Gemma loves that it's foamy.

3. The Potty Book for Girls: if you're only going to get one potty book, this is it. covers all the bases (i.e. the new potty, accidents, new undies, etc). it rhymes and is perfectly, adorably appropriate. 

4. Mini Boden Bunny Undies: these god damn things are more expensive than MY OWN UNDERWEAR. i did a ton of research (i just realized that i'm crazy, who spends their spare time researching children's underwear?! OMG!!! GET A LIFE, L!!!) and finally decided on these babies--they are made to last. they come in a 7-pack (imperative for potty training beginners so you're not doing 58 loads of laundry a day), they run a bit small (imperative for my toddler's skinny butt), are made of a thicker cotton than the tissue paper Dora the Explorer Hanes (imperative for tinkle leaks). plus they are the cutest ever. LITTLE BUNNIES?! i mean, come on. also i found a discount code when ordering online, which made them a little bit cheaper.

5. Hoppop Donut Potty: cutest little teensy weensy potty there ever was. our bathroom is very small and has exactly one place for a wee potty chair to fit. i love this one. very simple and clean design, and the insert is very easy to remove and rinse out.

6. Candy! we are on Sugar High Central over here. G gets one piece of candy for every tinkle in the potty and two pieces for every poopsie in the potty. and she goes. a. LOT. i can't figure out if she really has an active bladder, or if she she is just trying to go as often as possible to get more candy. sometimes she squeezes out like a teardrop of pee. but alas, a tinkle is a tinkle. she's reward-driven. we have smarties, reese's pieces, gumdrops and skittles for her to choose from, but skittles win out almost every time.

7. Potty: this book is hilarious. it's simple and fun and Gemcake has it practically memorized. 

8. sparkly star stickers: i got ours from the dollar section at Target, but these are the same. we have a little potty chart, and Gemma gets to pick out a star and put it on the paper each time she goes in the potty. she favors the orange ones for some reason.

9. Even Princesses Go to the Potty: this book was a gift from Mimi, and it's perfect! it explains how all different kinds of girls and grown-ups go to the potty. 

there you have it, our potty faves. most are books...Gemma likes to read them over and over and over again. best of luck to you and yours in your potty training adventures! 


  1. Just FYI--being ok with peeing on the potty but not so much with the pooping is totally normal. In case you were wondering...

  2. I love this post--so much to look forward to :) Good work Gemma! We love the Patriacelli book too and I added the rest to our Amazon wish list. You need to post the 'tinkles and poos' chart-- cracks me up :)

  3. My parents potty trained me by LYING to me...they told me that my cousin, who is two months younger than me, was wearing big girl panties. That's all it took and I was done with diapers that day! They were lucky I'm so damn competitive.

  4. The next step to success is going to be to get your child on some sort of time schedule. Travel Potty Seat


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