Friday, July 18, 2014


blurry little lovebird babies who had just gotten engaged in Rovinj, Croatia back in June 2008. (thanks to my friend Moon for taking this ((albeit shitty quality)) most favorite photo). we are so young and JJ is so happy. i love love love it! 

and now we are all grown up and mature and today marks five years of marriage! i really do love where life has taken us. we got a little Foxy Cleopatra doggie, we've done a little moving from here to there, we bought a little cream puff house, we had a little Gemma, and another little baby is on his/her way. i feel very lucky to be stuck with this wonderful, crazy asshole! 

JJ's parents and one of his sisters are coming up to Seattle tomorrow, so we have a nice long afternoon-into-evening date planned for Sunday.* but tonight...tonight we feast on pasta roma and partake in a phase10 tournament!

how about a vain little black and white trip down memory lane because i just love looking at our wedding pictures. it was the best day, and i would do it all over again in a heartbeat! (well actually no. i would skip the part where i trip and fall down the stairs one hour before the ceremony, breaking the strap off my dress and screaming "FUUUUCK!" in front of JJ's great uncle, Bishop Joe, who presided over our wedding and is pictured below). 


 *the traditional anniversary gift for five years is wood. just please. i'm anticipating the penis-themed gift already.


  1. congratulations!!! ps your wedding hair and dress are to die for!

  2. Awww, you were babies! So cute. Happy anniversary!


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