Thursday, July 24, 2014

what's inside my brain

1. ok Seattlelites, here's what you need to know: Hello Robin - Capitol Hill. homemade ice cream sandwiches with Molly Moon's. basically i need to like, move in. because it's THAT GOOD. just trust me and go there!!

2. re: the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. how are we feeling about it? i'm just not sure they cast him correctly. i'm thinking he should have been more GQ Man and less Approachable Boyish Face...

3. i consider my love affair with mayonnaise to be borderline inappropriate. i'm always embarrassingly muttering "extra mayo please," at sandwich shops and looking down at the ground in shame as the lady at Costco rings up my 800-gallon jar of Best Foods. so i was skeptical of this new mayonnaise brand Just Mayo, but...OMFG IS IT DELICIOUS!!!!!!! i didn't even believe that it was actually vegan. but it is. and it's goooooood. ALSO, for you spicy mouthed people, is also comes in sriracha flavored.

4. it is STRAIGHT UP COLD in Seattle. rainy and cold. so we stayed inside today. and someone made this mess:

5. i was able to diagnose myself anemic before the blood test at the doctor's office confirmed it. isn't that amazing? you see, i was anemic in high school, and again during my entire pregnancy with Gemma (this time with JF2 i wasn't anemic until just recently). anyway, one of the side effects of my anemia is my strange craving to eat dirt. EAT DIRT. you guys, isn't that so weird and gross?! but it's a thing. a reallllll thing. so last week when all i wanted was to eat a spoonful of nice, fluffy clean dirt (oxymoron), i just knew it: i was lacking iron.

6. Very Important Public Service Announcement: before THIS could happen to me again, i have sworn off razors until post-baby.

7. that was the last straw, Kim K. NO LONGER FOLLOWING YOU ON INSTAGRAM. ghodddddddd, get over yourself.

8. we have started potty training. and really, i always found it disgusting when mothers would talk about potty training like it was the most amazing thing in the entire world when their kid pees in the toilet. but now i know that...IT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WHEN MY KID PEES IN THE TOILET! i will spare you the boring details, but it should be noted that her first accident was a blueberry poop while she was wearing underwear with blueberries on them. so poetic!

9. also, while we're on the subject of Gemma growing up way too fast and fiercely, she no longer sleeps in a crib. she has fully transitioned into a real big girl bed. A WHOLE POST ON THIS LATER.

10. and since i am STILL talking about her...THIS OUTTAKE from G's photoshoot:


  1. I had to unfollow KK today too! Good luck with potty training, the book "everyone poops" and sticker charts work wonders :)

  2. So are you giving up Keeping up with the Kardashians too? *fingers crossed*. That outtake makes me laugh

  3. Several things: (1) Can't wait to try Hello Robin (2) Totally agree on 50 Shades. Like that actor but he's not CG (3) We love Just Mayo (I'm not even a mayo person and it's super yum!) (4) Obviously I love that outtake!

  4. Thanks for the Hello Robin love!
    We are blushing…


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