Tuesday, August 5, 2014

what's inside my brain

1. i bought a new duvet cover with birthday money i received from JJ's parents (thanks to my parents for the matching shams! and the new jeans that i pray will fit after JF2 comes out, AND for the Uggs. only you guys, they weren't really new Uggs. the new Uggs didn't come in time, so my mom wrapped up her old Uggs as a way of showing me that mine were on the way hahahahahh), and now i have the bed of my dreams. JJ even approves of the hearts, which is a complete and total win.

2. i have issued a strict no-pants policy for myself around here. just, no. NO MORE PANTS. dresses when i'm in public...and at home, i just close the blinds.

3. speaking of no pants, have i talked about my nightshirt yet? i can't remember. and i'm too lazy to go and check. in any case, i have this nightshirt. those closest to me know alllll about my nightshirt. i picked it up on clearance at Target and i'm 100% obsessed with it. it's big and loose and periwinkle in color and also it has a little charming breast pocket. it makes me look like a glorious little old lady and it's so RIDICULOUSLY comfortable! i wear it to bed for two nights in a row, and then i immediately wash it on that second morning so that it's ready to wear to bed that night.

4. do you have Nextdoor? basically i hate it because it alerts me of any and all break-ins within my neighborhood which in turn makes me dream of night abductors. BUT, occasionally i get emails like this that make me laugh so hard:

hahahahahahahhahahahaha WHAT?! like a bearded dragon was just strolling down the sidewalk and this guy just happened upon it?!

5. right before we left for a road trip on Friday, i said to JJ, "JJ! i am making sandwiches for the road! do you want one?" and he said, "no, i'm not hungry." so i made myself and Gemma sandwiches, and we ate them in the car. and then an hour later SOMEONE said, "OMG L I'M SO HUNGRY!" (naturally) and so he got himself a burrito bowl from Chipotle. and i was so pissed because I WANTED CHIPOTLE TOO, only i was full from my recently-eaten sandwich. why was i the one punished because i was responsible?!?!?!? so i narrowed my eyes and watched him eat his delicious meal. what a turd!

 also Cleo is hilar in this pic. standing guard over the Chipotle bowl. 

6. "GET THAT POPCORN OUT OF YOUR PANTIES!" add that to the list of things i never thought i would ever have to say.

7. we went to the Washington coast (Westport) last weekend with our friends who have a cabin there, and we just had the best time. we are so grateful for this family who have been navigating this parenting journey with us, and who just get where we are in life because they're right in the same spot as we are. we love you, Lipes!

these two little girls and their Dads!!

8. can't take a poop in peace anymore. alllllllways have a poop buddy. always.

yes. yes, that is my periwinkle nightshirt that i am wearing. 

9. Gemma doesn't understand why we can't see the Space Needle from our house. SORRY WE CAN'T PROVIDE YOU WITH THAT TOP NOTCH VIEW FROM THE LIVING ROOM WINDOW, CHILD! GHODDDDD.

10. if you like to laugh and are not easily offended, you need NEED NEED to follow thefatjewish on instagram. my cousin told me about his absolutely hilarious feed, and now i'm sharing the hilarity with you. take it and go. GO FOLLOW HIM NOW.



  1. I adore you. LOLed through this entire post.

  2. Omg that duvet! Love. Your blog makes me smile. I'm currently preggo with my first and reading about all of your adventures with your little girl makes me so excited to have a little one soon!

  3. I think the joke's on thefatjewish! That lady totally knows what she's doing!


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