Thursday, August 21, 2014

what's inside my brain

1. for every asshole blog post, there is a wonderful moment like this one, all snuggled up with her tiny little hand on my belly. it was barely captured before she launched off the bed in search of her next mission of destruction:

2. we went to the Caspar Babypants concert (we are lucky he's a Seattlelite!) on tuesday (note: when i told JJ we were going, he got all sad, "what?! i want to go!" hahahahahh! his music is so catchy!) and it was nothing short of a ZOO. a literal zoo. so many children. but it was so much fun. we have every one of his albums and know all of his songs by heart. if you have kids, check him out! anyway, after the concert was over, Gemmie was an absolute mess. just done. i don't think i've ever seen her this tired:

hahahah! classic toddler face.

3.  i am 33 weeks pregnant now. what?! like, it's almost the end. although, along with my movements, time seems to finally be slowing down. i'm getting uncomfortable, and my back hurts. wahhh! still smaller than i was with Gemmabeast, but definitely feeling large and in charge. i'm at the point where people feel like they have to say something to me about my belly. literally cannot go anywhere without comments. mostly people ask when the baby is due. i tell them, and they respond, "oh wow! you've got a ways to go!" and i'm all "fuck you very much" "yes, yes, heh heh. still have a bit over a month!" anyway, we are starting to get extra excited around here! lots of nesting going on! and omg this baby moves so much, it's ridiculous. always flipping around like a little alien in there. Gemma gets so excited every time. "e baby movin' mama?!"

hahahahaha my bra hanging from the closet doorknob in the background. 

4. POTTY TRAINING UPDATE: we went to target in big girl panties today. (well, obviously i did. but you know who i'm referring to here) it was a success! i put a hand towel in the cart seat just in case, but no accident! then she went tinkles in the big potty in target and we shouted and cheered and high-fived right in that disgusting, smelly bathroom! i let her pick out whatever candy she wanted as a reward and told her how proud of her i was. during nap time i heard her tucking in the stuffed animals, saying "i tuck you in, kitties. i so proud of you." *awwwwww*

5. regardless of how you feel about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it's working. JJ lost his Grandma to ALS in 2012, so when i was challenged, JJ asked me to do it in memory of her. of course!

6. i saw a review of this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel system in the September issue of InStyle...and i'm DYING to try. InStyle gave it a great review, so i'm holding out hope! only problem is that it doesn't come in my signature Pat On The Black shade...yet.

7. nobody likes offering as much as Gemma likes offering.

she stands and holds the envelope straight out until it's her turn to drop it in the basket. and she's pleased as punch with herself when she's done. so proud. she was so pissed when we showed up to church just that one time without offering. she was like "moneyyyyy! MAMA! DADDY! MONEYYYYYYYY!" and we were all red-faced and embarrassed for being called out by our two-year-old, searching our pockets for one measly dollar bill. kid keeps us honest.

8. you know you're a Dad when...

JJ had his last hockey game this summer and got home very late. he also must have gotten a battle wound, because in the morning i rolled over and giggled. he had two little girl band-aids on.

9. Taylor's new video and vibe. LOVE. she is just out of control awesome. G and i have been listening to it on repeat and having dance parties NONSTOP. also, this. THANK YOU.

10. i signed Gemma up for a mom and me ballet class this fall. i have literally been dreaming of this since the moment i found out she was a girl! little teensy weensy ballet shoes and leotard?! gahhhh!!! i'm excited that it will be something special for just her and i to do together. i just really hope she likes it. probably not. she'll probably be like "F this shit. i want to do wrestling instead."


  1. "I want to do wrestling instead." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ALL THE LOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to do photoshoots and videos, I want to see you and Gemmypants dancing together!!

  2. You are both so cuuuuuute. Also, OUR TARGET BATHROOM IS THE STINKIEST IN THE WORLD. Always. Why is that?

  3. Jemma starts ballet in September! I can't wait too :) She fell in love with the idea after reading Tallulah's Tutu - so yeah, add that to your library list and you should have success too!


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