Friday, September 19, 2014

a few of my favorite things: pregnancy edition

This second pregnancy has been entirely about comfort. COMFORT IS KING. if you happen to be pregnant and uncomfortable, here is a list of trusty faves that i've had on repeat.*

1. Embrace: a Pregnancy Journal: my dear, sweet thoughtful friend Sandi gave me a pregnancy essentials basket of goodies at the very beginning of JF2, and this was in it. it's the best journal ever--beautiful images and thought-provoking prompts to get you writing...pages devoted entirely to your boobs!!! (the boob changes withstood during pregnancy are incredible. much going on there. i won't get into the gory details, but MAN, i was glad to have space to write about NatGeo nips, etc. in this sweet ass journal). PLUS, the author is a Washingtonian. so, that's pretty rad.

2. Birkenstocks: last pregnancy it was all about the Danskos, but they were just too sweaty and bulky for the summer heat. JJ bought me these sandals for Mother's Day and i basically haven't taken them off since. occasionally i'll switch them out for a ballet flat and i always regret it! the Birks have been so good to my back. and also it should be noted that i am eternally grateful for their timely comeback.

3. a JJ! i don't think this is the first time JJ has found himself in a "favorite things" collage. but that's because it's really nice to have a JJ. mostly. his profoundly thoughtful comments like "you're just a temporary fat person" and "wow, you ate two crispy burritos from Taco Time for lunch? i mean, that is a LOT of burrito" are just the sweetest. but really in all honestly, he never complains when i ask him to get out of bed to retrieve my complicated Tums order (two. the berry flavored. and not two of the same color), and he's always game to take Gemstar on an adventure (pants optional. no really. he took Gemma to the grocery store in a t-shirt and undies. THAT'S LITERALLY ALL SHE WAS WEARING #whitetrash) right when he gets home from work so that i can have alone time to binge watch Parenthood on Netflix and binge eat E.L. Fudge cookies.

4. the Bump Nest: this pillow was making the blogger rounds and the more reviews i read, the more i coveted the damn thing. my parents bought one each for my sister and me for Mother's Day (she is due with her first baby mid-December. also, another one of my sisters went and bought it too--and she's not even pregnant! hahahahaa she just wanted one to improve her sleep.) and truly, truly i don't know how i survived my last pregnancy without it. hands down THE. BEST. and most important pregnancy sidekick. ever. JJ calls it my Boyf since he takes up so much room on the bed and because i'm obsessed with him. i even take him on trips (i draw the line at airplane rides, though). i have spent the entirety of 37.5 weeks sleeping 8+ hours each night, and i owe it allllll to Boyf.

5. Gilligan & O'Malley Women's Sleeptee: aka The Nightshirt. i live in this MFer. LIVE! i'd like to say i only wear it for sleep, but that's such a lie. right when i get home, i am out of my clothes and into my nightshirt at lightning speed. it's the most perfectly perfect shirt ever.

6. hellomellow rejuvenate body oil: while i love the Mama Bee Butter at the small-bellied beginning of pregnancy, this body oil has come in mighty handy toward the bitterly enormous, stretch-marked end. it was a gift from my friend Rah and i love it! it's supple and smooth, smells delicious and is all natural. G and i both slather ourselves up after the shower. it's the best! makes my skin way less itchy and irritated. only i have to squeeze it out awkwardly because i broke the pump lid when i accidentally ran over my overnight bag when i was at my parents' house (but that's a story for a different day).

7. Gap Maternity Pure Body Tanks: i technically own only one of these, but my lovely friend Sam graciously let me borrow a handful of hers and they are the BEST. i loved the Liz Lange basic tanks (can't find them on Target's website! but they are always in stock in store) during the beginning, but again, my belly is enormous and now hangs out of the bottom of those. the Gap ones are so soft, and long enough to keep me from looking like i belong on

8. Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt: this thing is awesome! i had a girlfriend (who had a baby just two weeks ago!) recommend it to me and it has been wonderful. it has eased much of the weight and pressure from my back. whenever i say, "ohhhh my back is KILLING MEEEE!" Gemma says, "e need your back brace Mama?" hahahahh! even she knows how much it helps. also i should tell you that when i take it off, it's like my bladder is released and i immediately have to pee so badly. so if you get one, don't take it off if you aren't near a bathroom!

9. Motherhood Maternity Hipster Panties: i actually favor the (NOW DISCONTINUED GOD DAMMIT) Gilligan & O'Malley jersey maternity underwear from good ol' Targs, but these have been a nice close second. in the last few weeks leading up to Gemma's birth, i was wearing JJ's underwear. what an embarrassment. maternity underwear wasn't something i thought i ever really needed, but i cannot stress enough how important they are. you will need elephant-sized underwear. i promise! BUY THEM. or let your mother-in-law buy them for you like i did.

10. up&up Daily Prenatal Combo Pack: i love these vitamins! they are cheap and easy just like Cleo.

*just so we're clear, there's no affiliate link bullshit going on for these favorite things posts...i'm not even KIND OF savvy enough to figure that out. i genuinely want to share with you the things that i love. because i think you care. i'm narcissistic like that.*


  1. I LOVE favorite things lists. I totally am getting the body pillow next round - like, I'll probably just buy it the same time I buy a pregnancy test ;)

  2. What about the body pillow? Is it as wonderful as everyone says? I'm 18 weeks with my first baby and sleep fine so far but I'm wondering if I'll want one done the road. Also, thanks for not posting things that cost $60+. I love suggestions I can actually go out and buy

    1. yep. you need it. LIKE DEFINITELY NEED IT. it's worth the money, i promise. you will be sleeping terribly at the end without it! be prepared to fall in love :)

  3. I love this! I need elephant panties stat! I thought buying large regular ones would suffice and they do NOT. I also waited until 30 weeks to invest in larger bras which is just embarrassing. However my life is changed and my pregnancy back fat looks much improved so it was pretty much a win win! Love your blog!


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