Friday, September 26, 2014

a room for two

the day i saw Gemma attempting the one-leg-over-the-edge escape from her crib during nap time was the day i began dreaming up her big girl room. JJ fell out of his crib and broke his arm when he was 2, and i realllllly didn't want that to happen to Miss G. 

Gemma and the baby are going to share a room, so we had to be very careful about picking and choosing any new furniture. it's a tiny room, so everything had to fit perfectly like a little game of Tetris. i knew i didn't want a toddler bed for G, i wanted to go straight for a twin that was classic and beautiful--something she could keep forever. i instantly fell in love with all the frames from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child but c'mon...the ridiculous price points. like, no. i'm not a real queen, i can't afford those beds! luckily for us there's a RH outlet about an hour from our house and lo and behold we struck GOLD! this bed was missing the frame part, but a simple kit from a mattress store fixed it in a jiffy and we ended up scoring this Restoration Hardware bed at an Ikea price. 

i wanted Gemma's room to be soft and girlie while also being sophisticated and pretty. but since there's a 50% chance JF2 will be a boy, i chose a color scheme that could easily allow for some masculinity if needed (for now, we are keeping the vintage Barbie prints and flowers over the crib. just in case there's a girl in there).

the room turned out just how i envisioned it! i love love love it! it's a room i would want to sleep in! 

once again, my lovely friend Sandi took these pictures. and she always catches our daughters having sweet friend moments :)

room details (for your information only, no affiliate links):
Emelia Panel Bed // Restoration Hardware
Antique Chic Duvet // Land of Nod
Frayed Ruffle Boudoir Sham // Restoration Hardware
Bunny Pillow // H&M
Bunny Doll // Maileg
Dream Blanket // Aden + Anais

gallery wall:
Acid Etched "G" // Urban Outfitters
Framed Bird Print // Target
Dream Catcher // Miss Ruby Locks
Darling Print // Twenty Six Eleven
Pink Bow // antiqued

Mirror // Pottery Barn Kids
Pink Tray // Ikea
Flowers // Target
Woodland Porcelain Bunny Light // amazon (these batteries last all of 5 seconds. we have since purchased this larger bunny nightlight and we love it!)
Shoebox Mouse // Maileg
Bunny Print // ratbone skinny

if you're wondering what the room looked like before, you can see it here.


  1. The pictures of Gemma sitting on her bed are INSANE! She looks maybe 16. How?!?!?!?!?!!! So grown up! Please do a post on transitioning into a big girl bed...we actually but a CRIB TENT over Joony's bed to keep him from crawling out because I'm not ready to switch him..I'm so nervous about it!

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  3. I would love to have a room like that for myself! Beautiful!

  4. Woah, this room is fantastic -- Great details and beautiful color scheme!

  5. Well done with the outlet score! It's beautiful! And miss G is getting so grown up. Love her!!

  6. I loooooooooove the room and Gem's bed! Lucky girl, my bed is not nearly so fancy :)


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