Monday, September 22, 2014

Gemma, the baby and me.

welllllll, my pal Sandi has done it again! she snapped a few pictures of my sweet girl and me (and the baby in my belly. which looks so daintily small and manageable in these) in my bedroom at home during one of our weekly playdates. when she first asked if she could take some maternity pictures, i was unsure because i don't always love the way maternity pictures turn out. they're just so...maternity. but after she talked about black and white and silhouette lighting, she had me! and i'm so glad i said yes. never question an artist! and now i have these wonderful keepsake pictures forever. 

i love Cleo's sneaky little self in these next ones...just real life happening!

and a quick shot in a fluffy pink tutu before she returned to her regularly scheduled programming of uncooperative little shit wild and crazy.

THANK YOU as always, to my extremely talented friend, Sandi.


  1. Is it SO WEIRD that when you say "the baby," you don't mean Gemma?? "Baby" is all I call Joon! So exciting. I cannot wait to see that little baby and hear all about Gem as a big sister!

  2. You seriously must be the cutest pregnant woman alive! Great pictures!

  3. These photos are so beautiful! What a wonderful treasure! Where did you get your rocker chair? I love it.

    1. Thanks dudeeee!!! And the chair is from PB kids :)


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