Monday, September 29, 2014

what's inside my brain

1. still pregnant FYI. i'm trying to get my head around the fact that i'm having a baby. like, for reals. today i decided to recreate this horribly graphic and offensive picture:

i'm equally ripe with each one (left is Gemma, right is JF2)

what do we think? baby is much lower this time, but seems about the same size.

2. an update for you potty training folk: i originally had said that the underwear from Mini Boden were the best for potty training. but omg was i full of shit. because i got THESE GERBER ONES last week and they're 8,000x better for accidents! honestly i couldn't even believe the high quality of them. they're terry cloth and plastic lined to contain the accident, and they go up real high in the front and back, just like a diaper. they very much keep any surprise poops/tinkles in check. you definitely need to get them!

3. my fat feet just will never fit comfortably in Ugg moccasin slippers (even when i'm not pregnant i have fat feet). time to let it go, L. just get the grandmotherly slip-ons next time.

4. JJ teaching Gemma how to ride this dinosaur like a bull.


5. i just want all things gummy and sour. just, all of them.

6. it was a proud moment for us when Gemma called Cleo a bastard yesterday.

7. Seattle is just NOT the place to be a glasses-wearing person. i constantly have drops of water on my lenses! time for contacts.

8. i have a corn on my foot. A CORN. i'm 87 years old and i hate everyone.

9. i love having momfriends who are up for an early monday lunch date. its so good for us! all of the patrons at Deru breathed a sigh of relief as they saw our circus exiting today.

10. it's that time of year again when the Big Brown Terrifying Spiders make their way inside Seattle homes. and JJ literally had a battle with one the other day. he smashed his shoe into the wall at least 16 times and when i suggested that all 16 smashes may have been unnecessary, i was met with a look of contempt. all it takes is a run-in with one of these spiders and JJ becomes permanently spooked for the entirety of the cold season. later that evening when Cleo came inside through the slightly cracked open door, JJ said to me all panicked, "DID YOU JUST HEAR THE DOOR CREAK, L?! IT WAS A SPIDER COMING IN, I'M SURE OF IT!!!!!!" #baby


  1. LoLing at JJ. His spider terror is real!

  2. omg! your belly is more then only regular scary

  3. Hahaha, I remember seeing that first picture and being like "oh my GOD...that's what it looks like to be super pregnant?!" and now it doesn't even look that crazy! I'm excited for you!


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