Monday, September 15, 2014

what's on L's phone?!

hahahahah doesn't Foxy Cleopatra look like a pinup girl laying down at the beach?! 

also, re: that little red puzzle piece: i absolutely cannot STAND losing puzzle pieces. it's one of my biggest pet peeves. i couldn't find this one for DAYS, and i even contemplated throwing away the entire puzzle because it irritated me that much. then i found it in this asshole's bed. she had been hiding it the whole time. 

also, ALSO, her new Seahawk-colored collar is purely coincidental. it was on clearance for $3.49 at Target. don't like, think i'm a real fan or anything. 

our friends got married! (love ya Charlie & Margot :) my parents came to watch Gemma for the day/night so we could enjoy ourselves. it was lovely! the night before the wedding, i bought a new necklace to wear since i knew i was going to wear this trusty black stretchy maternity dress that i've worn 800 times. i was so excited because i had a NEW accessory to wear! i laid it out with the dress and shoes and went to bed very pleased. the next day when i went to get dressed, the necklace fell off the hanger and shattered into a million pieces. and i yelled All The Bad Words (and got scolded by my Mom for yelling All The Bad Words in front of Gemma) sat down in my elephant-sized underwear and cried a little bit. because you know, i just was REALLY looking forward to wearing a new necklace. poooooooooor L. but then i found this gold ball necklace that is actually not even mine, it's my friend Moon's, in my drawer and all was OK again. 

wow, glad i got that 90-page story off my chest. i'm sure you all cared SO MUCH.

every female has a picture of themselves as a toddler in their mom's high heels, amiriiiiiite?! 

hot DAMN we have been enjoying every last heirloom tomato that my two little 99-cent plants have yielded this summer. next year i'm planting like 25 more. obsessed!  

little itsy bitsy baby moccasins for JF2! they're so tiny and cute i just want to snuggle with them all day long. next to Gemma's for adorable size reference. 

this was taken at a coffee place called Diva Espresso. i'm not even joking. SHE FIT RIGHT IN.

Cleo was SO EXCITED OMG to have not one, but TWO crazy toddlers yanking on her leash during a walk.

(my unpainted nail makes me cringe) my parents went and bought themselves a Leisure Van for traveling around the U.S. i told them i'm going to buy them matching pleated Dockers and a bumper sticker that says "RV there yet?!" hahahahahhahahahahaaaa and all on her own, Gemma has dubbed the Leisure Van "Bear's Bus" (said with lisp) it's absolutely hilarious. my sisters and i cannot stop laughing about it!!!

my little Beverly Hillbilly (who, as we left this baptism party for our niece, had only one pigtail left in her hair, food crusted all over her face and a pee stain on the back of her dress)

flying in the pool with Daddy. i just love that little wedgie.  

i think this baby has dropped. 

she looks like the sweetest, most cooperative little traveler. #fake #SOfake 

we sent this to our fellow MMM mama who missed a meeting because she was busy bringing her newborn baby home. so much fun to have our group grow. babies are the best! 

LIBRARY DAYYYYYYY! (i have to hide this Hello Kitty shirt in the drawer, otherwise G would put it on every single day. i do the same with JJ's stupid UNLV tshirt that i hate so much. like, no. why do you even HAVE a UNLV tshirt?!) 

it was a day of lunch and a movie on the couch. ALSO, it was the first movie she sat all the way through! Despicable Me. she loved it. 

G loves to sit and try on shoes at Nordstrom Rack. i said to her, "oh no, Gemma, those aren't cute." and she said, "they're bootiful mama!" 

Pike Place blooms from my little sis. 


  1. These might be my favorite posts. Love Hillbilly Gem!

  2. I mean, G has longer legs than I do and I'm a fully grown adult. She's going to be a stunner, fo' sho'.

  3. Seriously, those moccasins are adorable! And "RV there yet" might be the funniest bumper sticker ever!

  4. I'm still laughing about "Bear's Bus" ..... G kills me! oh, and regarding the walk-- Poor Cle!


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