Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas with the Hansens

well well well. look what the cat dragged in. it's olllllll L. batshit crazy L. i tell ya WHAT, two kids is a game changer. a reallll game changer. my life is 100% nuts. 100% of the time. and i really do love it!! most of the time. i'm still trying to make adjustments to my life to create a new sort of "normal," and i need to figure out a new showering schedule because my current one just is NOT cutting it. i need more showers.

BUT, i do have to say that i have the sweetest little dreamboat of a baby! he's a peach. and i love him so much. i never understood the whole "thing" mothers have with their sons. and then i had a son and it's like OHMYGOD. #motherboy. a whole other post on that later.

Beau is asleep in his carseat (inside the house. had to clarify just in case you like thought he was in the car outside in the cold) and Gemma is screaming at me from her room to bring her the book that she put in the cart at TJ Maxx, which i put back and never bought. so i have about 15-20 to word vom all over you!

these moments are rare round these parts. usually we are trying to keep Gemma from hurting Beau. she has a tell, though. she sticks out her tongue right before she's about to wreak havoc. as soon as JJ or i sees it, we scream "QUICK! GRAB THE BABY!" and most times we reach him before she does.

she IS a good big sister though. the other night she reallllly wanted to read Baby Beau a book. she wanted me to lay him down next to her in our bed. then she gently covered him up, covered herself up and read this story to him. it was completely adorable and my heart was so full it almost burst. also, those pajamas. RIGHT?! ever since i found out i was pregnant with B, i got excited about the prospect of matching Christmas pajamas this year. there was just something about two pairs. the same print. one big, one tiny. just perfect! and seeing them now, my kids, my two kids, in those pajamas, together, in my house. MAN. i mean, talk about a dream come true. 

life's a bitch. 
this was a pretty good meltdown! in Michael's, because i wouldn't buy her the 8,000,000 piece sticker book she wanted. aren't i just the WORST?! ha. "BUY IT MAMAAAAAAAA! I JUST DON'T KNOWWWWW! THAT'S NOT THE DEALLLLLLL!" when she's mad she just spurts out meaningless strings of words and it's really hilarious.  
also noteworthy: she calls the grinch "the french" and says "cheesal weasel" instead of geez louise.

his little hat reminds me of that line from the night before christmas: "and mama in her kerchief and i in my cap, had just settled down for a long winter's nap."

so we got an elf on the shelf! and Gemma named him Fluffy obviously. selfishly i wanted to use him as a way to threaten G with a bad report to Santa so she'd behave. but the plan backfired. because this is how it goes every time: 
me: "ohhhh no. that's so naughty, Gemma. Fluffy is going to have to tell Santa about this." 
Gemma: "NO HE'S NOT!!!!!!" 
and gosh, people are so clever with the elf. i'm lucky if i even remember to hide him in a new spot! sticking him in a dying poinsettia is about all i've got.

we went to Snowflake Lane (lights, dancing, music, snow!) this week with our pals and it was so much fun! and this picture shows why Mel is my favorite. she let big Gem ride on her little shoulders so she could see the show while JJ ran to the car.

these two! candy cane suckers for the win. 

 Beau's face though. 

he fell asleep and every person we passed was all, "OHMYGOSHHH LOOK AT THAT BABY ASLEEP IN THE BEAR SUITTTTTT HE'S SO CUTE!!!" and i was all I KNOW, RIGHT?! 

i just love wrapping presents! all of my presents have to be wrapped the same every year. i like the way they look sitting under the tree when they're matching. 

me: "JJ, will you help me wrap presents?!"
JJ: "YEAH! let's watch home alone while we do it!"
me: "YES!!!!"
JJ: (see above) 

well we ditched the kids and had a fancy night just for the grownups! the nutcracker of course! special thanks to my parents for driving over just for the night to babysit! 

we met Santa today! note JJ's serious face as he concentrates on Little G, who had just spotted the large sack of candy canes. side story: i went into Nordstrom this week to return something and i had Baby Beau strapped to my chest while pushing Gemsie in the stroller. it was daytime, so the mall was filled with other moms and old people. my fave time to go the mall. the kiddies started screaming at literally the same exact time and THREE elderly people stopped me to say "this is such a short time of life, they're beautiful kids" and "they're only little for a while" and "this stage goes by so fast!" it was so nice. so encouraging that those three people all connected with me to let me know it was okay that i was a walking circus, and to point out what a gift it is to have them, even when they're making me sweaty and panicky with embarrassment. i'll remember their kindness! and promise to pay it forward down the road when i see someone in my position. 

G&B&Santa! Gemma was so cute. she was all coy and flirty with him (same as last year!) and Baby Beau just sleep the entire time and didn't give two shits about meeting the man in red. 

and that's what's up!
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