Monday, January 26, 2015

back in the swing

it's two minutes until 4, which is the time i need Gemma to wake up or else she'll be partying until midnight. but i just really don't feel like getting her up. i'm going to regret this decision tonight, but YOLO.

howwwwwww about this sun, Seattle?! yes yes yes. i love you, stay forever (rain in the forecast next week, naturally). we spent yesterday and this morning outside.

last week i went to buy a seahawk shirt and i found one in the youth boy section at Marshall's. for $7! on clearance! what?! how is that even possible? everywhere else has only XXL in everything left. i fist pumped my good fortune and tossed it into my cart. then i spotted another one. and another. and another and another and another. i narrowed my eyes. waaaaaaait a minute here. Something Is Not Right. all of them had the same number. 11. some fellow named "Harvin." a quick google search informed me that 1. i am indeed a bandwagon fan for not knowing that 2. Harvin is no longer even on the seattle seahawks team because he is in fact, an asshole of a man. when i told my die-hard hawk friend this story she said, "OH MY GOD! you're better off having no seahawks shirt! he was the cancer of our team!" but really though, what an almost-tragedy. i would have been such an embarrassment walking around in that thing!

that was a close one

HEYOOOOOO! Beau rolled over a handful of times this weekend. from his tummy to his back! (note: i only witnessed two of these...Gemma could have physically forced kindly urged him from belly to back for the rest).

we promised Gemma ice cream last night, so we took her to menchie's. all the night patrons at menchie's be like: "fuck it, goin' in mah jammies." i love it. anyway, Baby Beau fell in love with a spoon and it was adorable:

 we went out to dinner with my uncle, his fiancĂ©e and my great uncle on saturday and it was so good. like over the moon good. (Staple & Fancy in Ballard for the locals!) JJ and i have already decided to go there for our anniversary in July. you have to do the chef's choice. 7 courses! all surprises! and they even catered to my annoying pescatarianism. 800 stars for this place, really. also, i have exciting news! the newest Worst Photo Of Me Ever In Life is in existence!

i took this selfie on the way to dinner while Uptown Funk was on the radio. that song is so good, you know?! you like, can't NOT take a vain party selfie while it's playing.

at this point i was slightly regretting the sparkly teen eye make-up, but was really feeling happy with the decision to buy this giant white furry coat (purchased last summer) because it looks like i'm wearing a sheep. all in all, feeling fancy.

so we enjoy dinner. take a pic at the end and we are on our way. scrolling through pics in car ride home and i see this and i'm like GASP! NOT SO FANCY ANYMORE OMFG

let's take a closer look, shall we?

it's pretty much impossible to address all the discrepancies here. so you can just soak it up and enjoy. happy monday.


  1. Lololol! It's not THAT bad. JJ looks awfully handsome...
    Sweet BullBeauzer with the spoon--love that kiddo.

  2. I swear that pic of the kids at Evolution Fresh looks like three high schoolers on lunch break. I don't think I'll be able to handle it when they actually are high schoolers. Love little Beau and his spoon <3


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