Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Beau is asleep next to me and i'm petrified to move him, lest he wake up and ruin this blog post. i'm also trying to quietly eat tortilla chips. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO QUIETLY EAT TORTILLA CHIPS?! it's really hard.

Gemma wanted Beau to have a bow. #littlebrotherproblems

JJ has a new office 8 minutes from our house which also happens to be conveniently located next door to a Pagliacci. so, pizza for lunch err day AMIRITE? #fat 

can we talk about my hair for a sec? my friends/family are sick of hearing about it, but seriously all of my glorious, thick, luscious pregnant hair is falling out and it's mildly depressing. every time i take a shower, i have to grab a handful of it out of the drain. and a couple weeks ago i noticed our washing machine was leaking. god dammit sears! i then pulled out a horrifying hairball from the rubber rim of the washer and nearly threw up. THEN on monday my vacuum cleaner stopped working. i flipped it over and there was literally enough hair jammed in the roller brush to make a wig. i was equal parts disgusted, devastated and astounded. i'm balding and it's NOT OK YOU GUYS. what i need is a haircut but i don't wanna. MY LIFE IS THE HARDEST.

i made an impulse buy this week that i'm thrilled about. it was a store display rug at Land of Nod that was practically free. i originally bought it for the kids' room but i'm kinda loving it out here:

isn't my living room so perfect and clean?! hahahahaa nah, jus playin'. i stuffed all the shit behind the pillows. anyway, this rug! it's so happy. a bit childish, but also so full of whimsey! we go through rugs ridiculously fast because of Cleopatra, that jerk. so i'm happy to report that she is not a fan of this rug at all. those dots are raised, so every time she tries to sit on it, she stands right up and turns in a circle, trying to figure out what the hell is poking her. hahhahaha what a dumbass. what i really need to do now is get rid of the coffee table so Gemma can run wild and free in that space. JJ would be so thrilled since he thinks that coffee table is garbage because it's weathered.

we went to the zoo this morning and as their faces depict, these girls were thrilled about it!!!

it was freezing cold and i've never seen the penguins happier. i refused to take the T-Rex Destroyer 5,000 purely based on its size, but sorely missed it once we got there. go figure! Beau was pleased with our adventure and spent the majority of the time sucking on a blanket.

it was the perfect mid-week outing! Gemma loves the animals! although i'm pretty positive one of the hippos has a nasty hemorrhoid. or some other kind of butthole lesion, the poor bastard.

Beau had lunch in the car (he eats about 40% of his meals in the car, jammed up against the steering wheel, so comfy!) while Gemma kicked the back of my seat demanding snacks and Taylor Swift, then we headed home for nap. which is ending in 11 minutes. 10 minutes now.

send me some hair growing vibes, plz. loveya


  1. that pic of Beau sucking on the blanket---total heart eyes over here! Love the zoo pics--those serious faces make me die laughing (and fearful all at once--they're up to something!) Your hair- oh dude, I'll buy you one of those hats with the fake pony tail out the back. Totally believable ;)

  2. I had to chop off all my hair after my second baby in October, and I literally still cry about it.

  3. My hair did the exact same thing. SO much frickin hair loss that I don't even understand how I still had any reasonable amount still on my head! And then I had to get it cut once the ends started looking a little to stringy and sparse. hashtag motherhood.

  4. Ugh, postpartum hair loss blooooows. Love the nursing selfie though!


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