Monday, January 19, 2015


my babies are all sick as dogs! JJ included. it doesn't seem to be the Death Flu that's been going around, but everyone is feeling lousy except me. congested and coughy and no sleep for anyone. Beau is whiney and doesn't want to be put down and Gemstorm is her usual wild self, only with 800x the amount of mucus. help me.

MEET the T-Rex Destroyer 5,000. Jeremy loves it because it can "handle the rough terrain in our neighborhood," Gemma loves it because she has easy access to Beau's eyeballs, Beau loves it because he's never been in a stroller before this weekend and he enjoys watching the world go by, and i love it because i'm all PEACE OUT TURDS, GOING TO TAKE A SHOWER ALONE. only that didn't really happen because Cleo hadn't been bathed in a month. so i ended up in the shower with the dog. 

when i'm taking pictures of the kids, i usually just press my thumb down 100 times and hope i get a good one. and every once in a while i capture something really profound. can't you just see the wheels turning in Gem's head?!?!?!?!?! (also, in case you were wondering, Gemma did NOT scratch Beau's face. phew. he scratched himself).

oh, Beau! you!

we got the book Ferdinand for Christmas from my aunt and it really is the sweetest little tale. a nice reminder to stop and smell the flowers. Gemma loves Ferdinand. HE'S A BULLLLLLL MOMMY. THAT'S A BOYCOW.

 this is like, the millionth picture i've posted where the couch is the background. hahahaaa we spend so much time here. it's the hub! this was a snapchat i sent. B's little quizzical face is just too good!

FaceTiming Daddy on Saturday while he was right outside cleaning the gutters. we were with him in spirit. we were also with him in spirit when he cleaned out the pantry after it collapsed on Friday. good man, that one.

our newest literature.

and also, how about those Seahawks?! ohmygosh! even i watched that game! it was pretty good! i'm a total bandwagon fan, i know i know, but it's fun that they're going to the Super Bowl again!! 

L out!


  1. ...but really the part about the kids in the new T-Rex Destroyer 5,000....and Jer's quote. I'm still dying! So many laughs in this one! xo.

  2. Bahaha from the creators of Tails are not for Pulling!

  3. Amazing!!! Where did you find your adorable striped baby wrap?


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