Wednesday, January 14, 2015

the thing about a boy.

when Gemma was born, i was just tickled that she was a girl. my very own little sweet BFF. and JJ when he held her the first time--talk about heart explosion. i don't think i ever knew how badly i wanted a girl until she was born.

and then there was Beau. Beau was always my Beau. i had his name picked out from day 1 (so happy JJ agreed. not so much with girl names...on the morning of his birthday we still didn't even have a girl name picked out!) and i just knew he was Beau in there. and after JJ exclaimed "BOY!" i started crying. a little boy! i didn't even know what to do with myself. he changed my whole life in one instant. babies are so magical, aren't they? i've learned about a different kind of love. i didn't even know the heart could have so many different kinds of love. when JJ came along, he just kind of took over in there. then it miraculously made room for my Gemma, then grew even bigger for my Beau. just, HOW?! it's incredible. i have been given this job of raising both a daughter and a son. and i do not take it lightly! there's something very special there.

as one of four daughters, i cannot even tell you how many times people say, "oh your poor dad!" i hate it. like really really really HATE it when people say that to me. like it's some sort of terrible thing that he has five women in his life to love him. he adores having a wife and four daughters. he was and is the world's best girldad. he could always make the perfect topsy tail. he can spot a Betsey Johnson store (well, he could. before they all closed.) from a mile away. he has sobbed at three weddings thus far, giving us away to our husbands. girls are all he knows. and girls were all i knew, too. so when G was born, i was comfortable. it was like, "i got this," from the very beginning.

Beau has taught me some new things. lots of new things actually. for instance, just a few weeks ago, i learned all about "Fromunda Cheese" from Beau's father, when i questioned the substance lurking under his little nutsack. just barfffff! boys are so gross. SO GROSS YOU GUYS.

and you know something? i never understood the whole "Mother And Her Son" thing. you know what i'm talking about. like your husband/boyfriend's mom is obsessed with her son(s). to the point where it's like "ohmygod stoppppp. just stop. he is a grown and married man! do not do his laundry for him and buy mozzarella cheese sticks just for him when he comes to visit!" here is something you should know about JJ: he intentionally "forgets" his toothbrush every time we visit his parents. and his mom always always has a brand new toothbrush waiting for him in the bathroom. i always used to roll my eyes at such instances. BUT. but now, i get it. i even had to call JJ's mom to tell her that i get it. there is just something about having a son. HE WILL NEVER EVER LOVE ANYONE BUT ME, OKAY?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!!! and also i'm getting his name tattooed on my heart because he is my little perfect, wonderful gentleman. and now i've joined the club and all of you women out there who don't have sons (or at least not yet) are rolling your eyes at me. #motherboy

and so. Little Beau Blue, my love. i want you to be one of the good ones. i want you to be strong. and yet i want you to be soft. i want you to love animals. i want you to cherish your sister and your parents. i want you to be compassionate. i want you to have adventures--i want you to get grass stains on your knees! i want you to respect your female counterparts. i want you to be true. i want you to fill your head with dreams. i want you to be free and wild. you were meant for this life, guy. i love you!


  1. Wow, I loved this post. You really expressed something wonderful and since I'm due with a baby boy in 6 weeks reading this made me so excited.

  2. oooh, I so get it! I have a sister and I always imagined myself with girls, but I am OBSESSED with my little guy. like love of my life obsessed. My Jer hugged me the other day and Jonas pushed him away and said "no, no!" and I swooned about how lucky I am to be adored by these two guys.

  3. This is just the best. Love ❤️

  4. GREAT post. Love it! Plus, I can relate as the mom of two boys. This was funny and heartfelt. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. It's like the biggest crush of your life!! And the weenie cheese, yes. I was so surprised at how much I had to...move around and clean out.

  6. Beyond beautiful- love you and that sweet little man ;) xo.

  7. love. this. post.

  8. i'm slowly going backwards through your posts (and by slowly, I mean all at once while my baby sleeps, lol). I fell behind when I gave birth to my son, my only child, in early January. this post exactly expresses how I feel about him and mothering a baby boy.

    we didn't find out what we were having, but I was hoping for a girl... to be my future bff. but of course, he was born and I wouldn't have it any other way!!


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