Friday, January 16, 2015

what's inside my brain

1. we got a new couch! a real, live adult couch you guys. we were still using the ones i had in college (which i weirdly still love and refused to get rid of so they are stashed in JJ's office for the time being, much to his delight). and we loooooove it! we bought it on Black Friday from West Elm and got a sweet deal! but before we purchased it JJ made me promise not to ever get mad if Gemma spills on it or Beau barfs on it, etc. usually i'm pretty good about remembering that promise. but just today, after we were testing out some new red lipstick, Gemstone got a red smear on it. and i was like MOTHERFU-- *deep breath* oh, Gemma. be a dear and please do not wipe your red lips on the new couch. anyway. it's wonderful. and there's a corner spot that is obviously mine and it's so cozy and perfect, i could (and would) stay there all day and never leave.


(slightly less staged)

2. this slo-mo vid of my sister's husband throwing Gemma into the air in the pool on our Christmas trip to Suncadia. i forgot her swimsuit so she is wearing the size 0-6 months swim trunks Santa brought for Beau. hahahaah

3. Beau's doppelgänger:

4. so i got these pair of socks like 2 years ago in my stocking from my mom and i love them so much. they are stretchy wool and they're so soft and snuggly and they're the only socks that keep my feet properly warm inside of rain boots. i covet them. and i tried earnestly to wear them sparingly so as not to make them threadbare too quickly. i was telling my sister CA this riveting information and she asked to see what they looked like. i showed her and she was like WHAT?! L! THOSE ARE FROM COSTCO! i was like SHUT UP NO THEY ARE NOT FROM COSTCO. RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE, ALL THIS TIME?! and then my sister CA went out and bought me a whole pack of them. all for my very own self! she's the sweetest. and i am so soooo excited about owning so many pairs. but for serious, if you, like me, have been on the serious hunt for some good superior socks, look no further than your local costco! i could not find them on their website, but here is what one pair from the pack looks like. because obviously i'm wearing them RIGHT NOW.

5. Gemma today on our way into ballet: "Jesus Christ! this is not my nipple!" *points to bellybutton*

6. one more reason to love Pope Francis: he wants all the mothers to feed their babies! whenever! wherever!

7. JJ was out of town for a couple days so it was survival mode around here (wine not pictured). it was selfie city over here and we totally jammed his phone with them until he got back.

8. we are in the process of signing up Miss G for preschool starting next fall, and it's just so...i want to cry just thinking about it. she's so ollllllld! the preschool is so close to our house that we can just walk (rain or shine only. so probably like 10% of the time). she has to wear a uniform and they're so cute and miniature, she's going to be so adorable! it's a play-based learning curriculum and i know she's just going to love school so much.

9. go hawks!

10. although i swore we wouldn't...we got a beast. A BEAST. a giant ass double stroller that doesn't even fit through the door at starbucks. 'twas JJ who really wanted it. i suggested a simple, black double that would be low profile and easy to maneuver, but NO. he went and found us a good deal on ebay...choosing a bright orange double bob. i mean you wouldn't even believe how enormous it is. the fedex man brought the box to our door today and he was like sweating. we'll take her out on her maiden voyage this evening and i'll report back on how many small animals we unintentionally  killed in our monster semi truck.

also, i know this is kind of a weird platform for this, but if you live in the Seattle area and are in need of a single jogger, we are selling our old one. it's a Joovy Zoom 360. love it--such a good stroller. it's in good condition, just a bit of weather damage on inside sun canopy. comes with rain cover. retail $250, asking $100. email me if you're interested!

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  1. buy "kids and pets" stain remover from QFC, it works on everything I swear!


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