Thursday, February 12, 2015

bless baby beau

this is mostly a post for sadcxgv3saCVXQ (Gemma says hi) myself so that i can document and thus remember forever, this momentous date. we took a quick trip down to southern California for Baby Beau's baptism, which was January 31. 

we were going to use the Rover service for Cleo, but when we went to the lady's house for a meet n greet, my dumb dog ran inside and promptly peed on her oriental rug. so that was that, and we took the idiot with us.

the alaksa air terminal was verrrrrry festive! G loved it.

and Beau got his own seat. lucky!

it was a divine little weekend. there was lots of this:

JJ's parents even had some special Beauwine made for the occasion!

i ended up wearing a Lauren Conrad satin jumpsuit from Kohl's ($8, circa 5 years ago). it looks cute in this picture below, but all the other pictures of the jumpsuit are so appalling. the satin is just so...satiny. it looks so cheap and shiny in all the pictures that we will have forever and ever of Beau's special day. OF COURSE. well what did you expect, L?! what did you expect?!?!!?!!!

anyway, enough about you, L. SHEESH. THIS POST IS ABOUT BEAU. anyway, the entire time JJ's great uncle Bishop Joe was speaking during the ceremony, B stared up at him and appeared to be listening intently. it was so so so SO cute.

and he was so pleasant for the whole thing! he didn't even cry, the little dear. 

and JJ's mom found the family baptism gown that's 40 years old and Beauzerini just looked like a darling little doll in it. except the hat was a bit tight on his enormous dome. 

JJ is so serious, i'm so like, overzealous mom, and Beau and Bishop Joe are so Lion King.

and this little girl!!!!!! there's just so much personality in that tiny little human.

Nannie & Gemma & Grandma. 

and then JJ's parents threw a perfect little party for our main man, B. so fun! we have such great families! thanks to everyone for coming!

on Sunday we woke up and drove to Huntington Beach where my mom was running a marathon. she ran so fast that we completely missed her at the finish line. it was Super Bowl sunday, so we played on the beach for a bit and had lunch before heading back to JJ's parents house to watch the game.

go mom go! 

Gemma & Bear & my sausage foot

this BEAST onesie from my friend Gerrie, though. isn't it hilarious?! 

and what a sad, sad ending for the Hawks. we won't get into it here. too soon for my readers who are 12s.

we wanted to go to Disneyland, but you know, the measles. so we went to the Santa Barbara zoo instead, where we paid $10 for a piece of lettuce to feed a giraffe. his name was Michael! that is not a giraffe name.

and thanks to JJ's brother and his wife who let us borrow their daughter's swing, Beau had the perfect little outdoor oasis setup. 

it was the most wonderful weekend celebrating our newest little Catholic baby. love you Little Beau Blue!


  1. I mean could he be ANYMORE CHILL? Honestly L-- you hit the 'easy baby' jackpot with that one ;) He is just a precious little man-- adore him and these sweet pics. What a special day! xo.

  2. I love everything about this post. And Baby Beau was just so charming at his baptism. LoveLoveLove!


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