Thursday, February 12, 2015

gems from gemma

well today i did something i have never done before!!!!!

i changed a shitty diaper with wet fingernails. and not one smudge!


what? you aren't impressed? whatever shut up. i'm adding it to my resume.

Gemma has been doing pretty well with potty training round 2, although she saves up her poops for nap time. today we spent 20 minutes on the toilet before nap time, and she pooped! we clapped and we cheered and we fist bumped and i put her down for nap and painted my nails. and then she pooped again. honestly. it's like she squeezes them out because she knows i have to go in there and change her.

today was Valentine Party day at school! and we made these:

gems from Gemma! i got the ring erasers from target, and found the free heart printable HERE. i love them so much. the play on words with her name is just perfect. we had so much fun with these! 

my little love dressed in pink and red. and when i told her she was adorable, she said, "no i'm not adorable mommy, i'm a love cake." 

and here's Baby Beau looking outrageously handsome and happy. 

while we're on the subject of these children, here is a shot of each at around the same age. they are such sweethearts. and they definitely look like siblings. i love them!!!

TGIT! without spoiling it for anyone who hasn't seen all recent episodes...has anyone else gotten completely scared while watching Scandal lately?!?! omg. nightmares! i'm such a baby. also, while we're on the topic of shows, i dropped PLL. when Hannah's mom slept with Jason, i yelled COME ONNNN at the TV and promptly canceled my DVR from recording all future episodes. one might say to me, "but L, you clearly like to watch shows that should have been canceled long ago. for instance, you still watch Grey's..." and to that, i say, just leave me alone.

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