Monday, February 16, 2015

outfits by Gemma // monday

last week my cousin's girlfriend posted this article to my Facebook with the simple caption: "make this happen." as soon as i read the title, i knew i would be totally game. i absolutely fell in LOVE with the idea, and i knew Gemma would too.

so, this morning we embarked on a new journey: Gemma gets to pick out my clothes (and accessories) for a week! and as a bonus, not only is she my stylist, but she is also my photographer. 

today i said to her, "OK Gemma, are you going to pick out mommy's outfit?!" she said, "YEAHMOMMYPINK!" and she delivered on her promise. originally she had me in just the skirt and rain boots, but i told her it was going to be too cold on my legs (and also the skirt is just too short. the last time i wore it was to my friend's bachelorette party...i really did not need to be the hussy mom at the playground at 10 am). i insisted on tights, and she yelled at me "NO MOMMY. IT'S NOT TOO COLD ON YOUR LEGS MOMMY. HERE, WEAR DIS," and she handed me a fur vest. while i appreciated the sentiment, our playdate outside really did require legwear. so after some digging, we finally found a pair of tights with pink polka dots on them that she begrudgingly allowed.  

after i was dressed, she said, "turn around now mommy." i did a slow twirl, and she giggled, "oh that's good!"   


i was telling her to make sure to get the boots in the picture:


skirt: F21, tee: Old Navy, tights: Kate Spade, Hunter Boots, necklace: Nordstrom Rack, sunglasses: Juicy Couture

all in all, it was a gloriously girlie day in my 50 Shades of Pink. Gemma was proud of her creation, and i loved watching her look through my closet to pick the things she liked best. 

also, i have a strong suspicion that this isn't the end of the pink overload. 

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