Saturday, February 21, 2015

outfits by Gemma // saturday

okay okay okay. i'll be honest. Gemma didn't pick out this entire outfit. i know, i know. boo, L! but i had a bridal shower to attend! i let her choose the dress. and she chose a very loud, very seasonally inappropriate dress. it is also not easy to nurse in. i had to hide out topless in my friend's bedroom (too many ruffles and tight straps and zippers!). anyway, after G picked this purply salsa number, i really didn't want to risk it being paired with leopard tights, so instead of giving her free range, i gave her options to choose from. i let her pick from any of my black shoes and black sweaters and i let her pick my earrings (large silver hoops that Beau thought were teething rings).

i was going to dress myself for the bridal shower this morning and let G pick out my outfit for later today, but i knew she would love looking through and choosing from all of the dresses that are usually tucked away under my bed. i simply was not brave enough to show up wearing an entirely created-by-Gemma ensemble. but even though i had to rein her in a bit for today, this is still an outfit i would not have otherwise chosen to wear to a bridal shower in February.

as i was leaving, i said to Gemma, "aren't you so special?! you got to help Mommy pick out her outfit for the very special and important meeting!" (i couldn't say the word "party" because she would have lost her shit if she'd known she was missing a party) and she grinned and looked so proud. it was so sweet.

dress: Erin Featherston for Target (old), sweater: Frenchi

as i walked out the door i said, "JJ! Gemma is still in her pajamas! if you leave the house, make sure you get her dressed!" and so while Beau and i were gone, JJ and two friends took her out for pizza. in her pajamas. "it's fine, she's wearing a tutu," said JJ.

glitter. everything's better with glitter. in case you were wondering.

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