Sunday, February 22, 2015

outfits by Gemma // sunday

ah. the last day. G went out with a bang! i wore my Sunday Best: a multi-colored polka dot skirt and striped skull shirt. with leopard shoes. she is not afraid to mix prints, that one! to top off the look, she added a green hoodie and a hat. WOWZA! lookin' good, L.  

we had a blast this week with our little project! i have to say, i'm looking forward to getting back into my usual mom uniform of jeans and a t-shirt, but i definitely think this won't be the last time i let my daughter dress me. sometimes after a particularly long day of frustration with a naughty toddler and time outs and no nap and meltdowns and yelling (etc. etc. etc.), i go to bed feeling like a real asshole. i worry that Gemma may only remember Mean Mom who makes her leave the park and doesn't let her get doughnut holes at the grocery store. but this--this was fun! and i want Fun Mom memories to outweigh Mean Mom memories. letting Gemma pick out my clothes for a week was the perfect time for Fun Mom to shine! and it also made our day-to-day routine a little more exciting and special. i think all moms should let their littles dress them every once in a while! 

skirt: Ann Taylor Loft, tee: Betsey Johnson, hoodie: Juicy Couture, shoes: Target, hat: Billabong


  1. With a bang, indeed! Way to go, GemsieBear :)

  2. I've been following this series (and your whole blog, because I love it/you), and I gotta say, that little girl of yours has got some serious styling chops! She may put together some out-there stuff, but she makes it look good.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about Mean Mom, and when my girls are old enough we are DEFINITELY doing this. thanks for sharing Gem's picks!

  4. You are such a fun Mama! You go girl!

  5. I hear ya on "mean Mom" mode--it sucks. When I ask Isla, "What did Mom say?" she always says "NO! NO! NO!" and I fear 'Mean Mom' is seared in her brain forever. ug! (Lets just feed them more cake pops so they think we're fun! :)

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