Thursday, February 19, 2015

outfits by Gemma // thursday

"that's a beautiful color, Mommy," Gemma said to me as she reached back into the deep dark depths of my closet. she pulled out the pinkest, fluffiest, frilliest, girlie thing i own. i smiled and cringed at the same time because it's the dress i wore to Senior Ball in college with JJ. it even had an old beer stain on it for good measure. let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

so many things to address here. JJ's hair. and PINSTRIPED SUIT hahahahahaaa. my a-line bob, blackberry pearl and can of sparks.  

nice camera. 

 with our pals. so, so young.

look at that crusty backdrop. hahahahahahaaaa! AND THAT BIG DUMB PINK BOW in my hair. just hilarious. 

anyway, back to February 2015. G picked out the dress and a fur vest and big, tall black high heels. which just wasn't going to work for a day at toddler group. i told her i needed arm and leg coverage and reasonable shoes. she picked out the same pink polka-dotted tights i wore on monday and a grey hoodie. she then picked cowboy boots, but changed her mind at the last second and chose these booties. this is definitely the most interesting outfit she's picked this week. when i asked her if she would take pictures of me she said, "ummmmm maybe not today." so my mom took these of me and my little stylist.

dress: Betsey Johnson, hoodie: Alternative Earth, vest: AE, tights: Kate Spade, booties: Target

yeeeeeesh! i was definitely an eyeful today! 

*side story* my friend Mel and her daughter came to family night at school and brought Mel's in-laws. this morning at work, her husband's dad said to him, "that Gemma's mom is a real character! she was wearing a tutu and boots to family night!" hahhahahahahhahahahaha 


  1. You should probably get her some polka dot tights hahaha

  2. you guys are such babies in those old pics! I would liked to see this with cowboy boots :)


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