Friday, February 20, 2015

outfits by Gemma // friday

today my outfit was very eclectic

Gemma grabbed these pants first thing and i nearly cried with excitement. after wearing a dress with boning that barely zipped yesterday, these swishy genie pants were a welcome change. next came the Victoria's Secret "i only kiss Dodger fans" t-shirt. oy. this thing is like wayyyy tight. a snug-fitting, midriff-baring tee that i hang onto for two reasons: 1. because you know, just in case i go to another Dodger game anytime soon and 2. because JJ's Facebook profile pic for the last 800 years has been this:

and we were at a Dodger game together and my hair is dyed black and we're young and cute and JJ's fluffy hair peeking out of his hat and his red shorts and--DAMMIT L JUST SHUP UP. i am finding that i hold onto way too many articles of clothing based on sentimentality. 

anyway. she picked this shirt because of the "sparkles" (which are on the word "Dodger"). when my sister CA said to Gemma, "wow! Mommy's shirt is so beautiful! look at the jewels!" G got all serious attitude and said, "NO. dees are not JEWELS, dey're SPARKLES." things hang a bit...differently than when i was 22, so i was forced to suck in a bit today while wearing this shirt. also i feel like maybe this shirt is better suited for a single 19-year-old?

Gemma loves this flower crown and often times gets it out of my drawer for herself, and the Chewbeads necklace was a total thrill because i forgot i had it and Beauzerini munched on it all morning. the yellow flats are another favorite of Gemma's, she wears them all over the house. and i love this sweater. i think she picked it because she knows i love it, which is so sweet.

we went shopping at UVillage this morning with my mom and sister CA, and i was definitely feeling like a looked a bit crazy in some of the nicer stores we stopped into. i did get one full, shameless up-and-down look from a mom in the play area, but i have to say, after looking at these pictures that Gemcake took, i think i look kind of OK. a little edgy--like i am way too cool to even care that i don't match. yeah? maybe?

pants: Target, tee: Victoria's Secret, sweater: UO, shoes: Tory Burch, homemade flower crown

God only knows what my dear child will put me in for the wedding shower i'm attending tomorrow morning.


  1. I love that she went from super pink and fluffy to what I think is a super cute outfit! :)
    If you don't mind asking, where did how get those pants - they look like I need them in my wardrobe... :)

  2. No kidding! Thanks! Love your blog! :)


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