Wednesday, March 18, 2015

come home

heyo! what's good in the neighborhood? wait. isn't that the applebee's slogan? no, no, that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. how did i even know that? CATCHY JINGLES, I TELL YOU.


i'm barely surviving over here. JJ is in Sacramento for work and the kids are just finally getting over the longest sickness there ever was. after Gemma's complaints of "dere's bugs in my ear. BEES! GOING BUZZ BUZZ! can you get them out mama?" we took her to the doctor. terrible ear infection. the next day Beau started wheezing like a 95-year-old smoker, so off to urgent care we went. he got hit with the RSV/bronchiolitis/ear infection trifecta of destruction and a follow-up appointment on monday threw in an eye infection for free.

JJ left in the midst of this, to sunny California where he was blessed with 9-hour nights of sleep and fine dining and i want to punch him. i'm over here eating boxed macaroni and perma-wearing my onesie.

all while keeping two kids and one dog alive! i'm frazzled. i even forgot it was Lent. and it wasn't until i wiped the crumbs off my face from eating two (haters gonna hate) cake pops in my car that i remembered i gave up dessert for 40 days. they were so good though. hard to regret.

so did any of you watch Friday Night Lights? i watched the pilot episode yesterday and then asked JJ if i should stop and wait for him to get home so we could watch it together. he said yes. but i'm the worst and kept watching. once again, hard to regret. noteworthy: Minka Kelly is The Prettiest Person.

JJ finally comes home tomorrow, and i can't wait to:

so i can watch more Friday Night Lights.

while JJ has been gone, his kids were busy excelling at life:

Beau ate (and fell in love with) food.

and mastered a new skill.

while Gemma perfected the art of dressing for spring weather in Seattle.

and pulled down her pants (and also stepped in dog shit which impressively spread itself around to the likes of me, Beau and her baby doll) at the playground.


come home, JJ. we need you.

p.s. i had to write a short note about my parents dog. ol Lola passed away. we got off on the wrong foot when she was a puppy--that hyper, neurotic pain in my ass. but gosh i grew to love that dog. Gemma loved her too. we told her that Lola went to go live at God's house where there are lots of treats and a big backyard for her to run around in. cheers to you, Lola.

Lola, Gemma & Cleo. summer 2013.


  1. How great to be a great-grandmother! No disease, just loving!

  2. good grief. emphasis on grief! we are two kids sans dog and business trips are my nightmare.

  3. I didn't know you took a pic of her with her pants down at the playground---bahhahah! What I would give to see a video of us washing dog shit off of everything--yikes! #hotmess

  4. So cute!! What highchair is Beau in? I've been looking for one for my 4 month old and this looks perfect!

    1. The boon flair! It's awesome. We've had it since Gemma was a baby :)


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