Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"nap time" // 7

is the text i sent to my mom this morning.* and it has sort of set the mood for the day. i'm so tired and coffee did nothing to help me. and now it is nap time and no one is sleeping. because i tried to put them both in their room at the same time for nap. i had the monitor on, and i watched Beau fall asleep. yes! but then i watched Gemma shout sing and throw books on the ground and smack her baby doll against the wall in a very earnest attempt to wake him up. and she succeeded. so i moved Beau into my room to give The Wild One free range of her bedroom. this is what she's currently up to:

oh hai you little tyrant!

when i pushed the button to speak to her through the iPad to say, "Gemma get your fanny back into bed," she responded, "MOMMY! just don't! i can't believe it. i can't believe it. i just can't believe it." 

she hasn't been napping well for the past two weeks, and i fear greatly that she is growing out of the nap phase. HELP MEEEEEEEE.

also, how do i get both of the children to sleep peacefully together in the same room? HOW?! i'm flummoxed. kids share rooms all the time! and kids have shared rooms for centuries! this cannot be that difficult. am i missing something? 

*answer key: Baby Beau did not sleep well last night and i'm in bad shape as a result. 


  1. C and E only share their room at night...otherwise C is a crazy a hole and wakes up E. (C is 3, E is 7 months) Ever since I seperated at "nap time" (C barely naps anymore, she just reads/sings/yells) at least E still gets her naps. At night we put E to bed like 45 min before C and so it gives her time to PTFO before crazy town comes into their room.

  2. That's a sound strategy 🔝

  3. oh dude, I feel your pain on the 'no napper'- it just plain sucks! That pic of Gems big face in the monitor and her little response cracked me up ;) (PS- I'm using this as proof when Hubby tries to convince me that we can live in a condo with a bunch of kids--not gonna happen GUY! Look at L! :)


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