Thursday, May 14, 2015


JJ had a pretty damn good day, if i do say so myself. Beau woke us up at 6 a.m. and we started our day off with some coffee.

then i spent an hour running around like a headless chicken in the kitchen, trying to get breakfast organized. thanks to tips from many friends and readers, i successfully made oven bacon! and had it not been for the...ahem...8 p.m. Taco Bell run last night that was an absolutely regrettable gut bomb, JJ would have eaten all the pieces. i used our wedding china (there's a first for everything) and even our wedding champagne flutes.

i have to say, i surprised myself with my presentation. i think my friend's sister-in-law would give me a pat on the back for this one! JJ loved his odd assortment of gifts and Gemma was so kind to help him open all of them. 

we said goodbye to our birthday guy and off to work he went. 

only to pick him up at noon to surprise him with a new suitcase, a birthday package from his parents and to treat him to lunch at his favorite spot--Nordstrom Cafe. the place was overcrowded with women and babies, but by God, JJ wanted his beef dip sandwich. so we ordered our food and Gemma colored on the wall with blue crayon patiently waited. 

later we went for a stroll through the mall and i headed to the gap to spend some gapcash, while JJ took the kids to the candy store across the way. very clever, the placement of that candy shop. right next to gap kids and the play area. i came out with some cute clothes for the kids and JJ came out with some chocolate covered sunflower seeds and chocolate covered honeycomb. i gave him a "wtf kind of candy is this?!" look and he just stared at me with the familiar exasperated look that means "there was just nothing i could do. Gemma made the decisions." 

when JJ got home that night we celebrated with some pink ice cream cake (again, Gemma made the decisions)

then JJ and Gem broke in the new Hello Kitty paddle ball rackets

and after we lost both of the Hello Kitty balls, JJ left for his hockey game. my sister is in town so she stayed home with Beau while G and i went to support JJ. Go Kodiaks!

winter coats in May!

usually his games are late at night (like 10 or 11 pm late), so we don't go. his game last night started at 7:45, which is 15 minutes before bedtime, but we let her stay up because she loooooooooves watching JJ play hockey.

she sat calmly and quietly the whole game

and gave Daddy a high five after the game. she was absolutely tickled to see him up close and geared up. and JJ was thrilled to have a little fan club.

Gemma fell asleep in the car on the way home while singing along to the Frozen soundtrack, but had no problem snapping right awake and yelling at me for turning the radio on.

it was a fine day to turn 29. happy birthday JJ, we love ya!


  1. I love this post and the pics---lucky, lucky guy that Jer ;) xo.

  2. What a mighty fine birthday!

  3. Where did you get your green parka with the fur hood? IN LOVE!


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