Thursday, May 7, 2015

a few of our favorite things

The Beau Edition
(no affiliates, just mine and Beau's honest-to-goodness favorites)

1. Kidsme Food Feeder: this thing is the GREATEST. we use it every single day, multiple times a day. It's basically a 100% better version of those terrible netted feeders that get banana stuck in them and turn rotten and brown and gross.

2. Organic Farm Buddy: this adorable little raccoon was a present from a good friend, and Beau looooooves sucking on its various appendages.

3. BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance: our old baby bouncer was a literal HAZARD. the legs stuck out so awkwardly, and JJ and i stubbed our toes nearly every day on the damn thing. JJ's mom tripped over it and nearly broke her neck when she was here helping me with the kids after B was born. the vibrating and music eventually stopped working, and it was all bent out of shape from when it caught JJ's mom on her way down. needless to say, i was delighted to throw that MFer out. our neighbors have this one and dubbed it their absolute fave baby product, so i took their word for it and i'm so glad i did. it's the best. it folds completely flat for the easiest storage ever, it has settings that will accommodate a child until age 2, and best of all, IT HAS STUBBED NO TOES THUS FAR! Beau is always always happy when he's in his bouncer--it's awesome!

4. BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance: when i purchased the bouncer (which JJ's thoughtful mom ended up paying for, so nice!), i got some Kohl's i picked up this attachment and it's surprisingly great! Beau loves banging away on the little toys. i cannot say enough great things about this bouncer and toy set!

5. Comotomo Teether: those prongs are like little textured nipples. cheap thrills. Baby Beau loves this teether the most.

6. Zutano Booties: i had heard about these booties from several people, but until i got a pair for Beau, i did not realize how perfectly wonderful they really are! so cozy and they actually stay on pretty well!

7. Kickee Pants Hat: well actually anything from Kickee Pants, really. their shit is sooooo soft. we have a blanket too, and it's so snuggly. Beau is always wearing a hat, and this one is the best. it stays in place and he doesn't whine when he wears it, so it must be comfortable.

8. Aden + Anais Bamboo Dream Blanket: Beau loves his blankets. he and Gemma both sleep with the A+A bamboo swaddles right over their faces. it terrifies us on a nightly basis. Once Beau outgrew swaddling, we put him in a sleep sack, but he was not a fan. he wanted his feet free. so we got him the dream blanket. to all ye naysayers: i know, no blankets in the crib until age 1. but the man wants what he wants! i got this one because it's warm yet breathable.  

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