Tuesday, May 12, 2015

birthday bacon

i was going to write about our weekend yesterday, but then i realized that JJ'S BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW and i thought i was being all cute buying him a pair of tropical printed underpants, but then THEN two things happened: 1. JJ made my Mother's Day so so so soooo perfect and 2. i saw a picture that my friend's sister-in-law posted on instagram of an immaculately beautiful birthday breakfast for her husband complete with CHINA and MIMOSAS and A PERFECT STACK OF BLUEBERRY PANCAKES and FANCY WRAPPED PRESENTS and EVEN BACON OMG SHE WINS and i was like ok. oooook, L. to HELL with your damn tropical underpants! you need to step up your damn game. and so i spent yesterday and today running around like a loon getting shit together for JJ's birthday.

and i am using that gorgeous birthday spread as inspiration. i am going to serve breakfast on the china tomorrow, and i'm going to make chocolate croissants from scratch (ha ha ha ha! nah, jus playin. i got some frozen ones at Trader Joe's). i tried to pick out some presents today, but Gemma was very convincing in her quest to get Daddy some Hello Kitty merchandise. i spent like 8 minutes staring blankly at the bacon selection at QFC and finally just real quick picked up a package and tossed it into my cart and guess what?! i didn't even gag. i have no idea how to cook bacon. not a clue. we'll see how that one goes. 

anyway, the weekend.

my dear, dear friend is getting married on New Year's Eve, and i got to witness her "say yes to the dress" moment! it's a beautiful dress and she's a beautiful person and i can't wait to see her walk down the aisle.

we went grocery shopping under the supervision of a miniature dictator "NOT DAT ONE WATERMELON DADDY, THE OTHER ONE WATERMELON" 

Beau had his first swing ride. he's so pleasant. he just sat there surveying the land and occasionally emitted a happy sigh.

we spent a lot of time outside in the sun on a big quilt in the backyard. a quilt that was lovingly made by my mom's good friend. there's a picture of us on the quilt and on Saturday it was bunched up in just the right place to make me look exactly like an ogre and JJ a caveman. hahahahhahahahahahaha!

we got plenty of Frozen re-enactments including this one: "Elsa's like dis." took me a minute, but i figured it out. (had to cover up the girls with a drawing of some actual girls)

i had a wonderful Mother's Day! JJ brought me eggs benedict in bed, i opened some presents, we went to church, bummed around U Village where G and i shared our favorite $800 smoothie from Evolution Fresh, lazed around soaking up the sun in the backyard and ate pizza for dinner. it was perfect.

a sweet and thoughtful friend even came to my house to drop off a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers! i love my two little babies and their cute dad. my heart is full.

i swept the house after the kids went to bed (a mother's work is never done...even on Mother's Day amiriiiite?!)

and was equal parts astonished, disgusted and impressed. this is what our floor accumulated in TWO days:

BLL for life.

yesterday Gemma woke up wanting a special breakfast just like i had the day before. and so i made one for her.

it was a good one, that weekend!

now, off to google bacon. 


  1. Just do your bacon in the oven! Minimal grease splattering onto you. Best wife ever!
    Also LOL at Gem being a dictator in the grocery store. I always tell Joony he can pick ONE thing to bring home and he AGONIZES over it. "Graham crackers! No, no. Goldfish, mama. Goldfish. Wait! Mom! Cookies! Sugar cookies! Nooo....graham crackers. Hey, mom? Where ice cream go?"

    1. yes! oven bacon ftw!

  2. I was going to say the Bacon in the oven too! Tin foil a baking sheet, lay out the bacon, put it in the oven when it's cold, set the oven for 400 deg - walk away! (haha sort of, not really.....) My various ovens over the years have taken ~15 mins to get from 0-400. Once the oven beeps that its reached 400 I usually take the pan out, flip the bacon and put it in there for another 3-5 mins. And Done!

    Easy clean up too!

    Good luck!

  3. Yes oven bacon is the way to go!
    I hated cooking bacon until I found out you could do it in the oven - it used to be like a war complete with a welding helmet and oven mitts to my shoulders ... Damn that splattering grease ...
    Oven bacon is wayyy easy :)

  4. Love this post and that smiley pic of G from Mother's day- perfect! oh, and the grocery dictator- I have one of those too-- #miniStalin


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