Friday, May 8, 2015

cheers to the mothers


G Money's third birthday is nearly here (WHAT?! THREE?!) and i've been trolling Amazon for some summer toys as presents, and can i just ask you something? do you ever find yourself deep within an Amazon rabbit hole at 11 pm wherein which you decide that definitely 100% I need that $200 electric toothbrush that can be charged via usb yes, it's going on my wish list right now... or is that just me?

we spent the morning at the beach! i didn't pack Gemma's swimsuit and she was just filthy with water and sand, so she partied like a white trash baby in The Emergency Leggings i always have in the diaper bag in case she pees her pants while we're out.

the beach was much warmer than we thought it was going to be--the perfect spring day that felt like summer!

and speaking of summer...i am just TICKLED that BLL season has returned. and with a new, label-less bottle! it even has curves. 

can always count on Beau for a subtle beer grab and Gemma for a subtle "F-you"

if you're anything like me, the Mother's Day celebrations have already begun. it's a Mother's Day Weekend around here, much to JJ's chagrin. DARLING, FETCH ME A GLASS OF WATER? BE A DEAR AND BRING ME A COOKIE? I LOVE YOU! AND ALSO CAN YOU RUB MY FEET MAYBE? he's a lucky fellow. my kiddles already gave me the best present; this loving and tender embrace caught at JJ's office today, just in time before Gemma ripped off her shirt and ran around topless, scream-singing Let It Go. the yoga studio next door loves it when we come to visit.

cheers to the mothers! it's fun to have a day dedicated to celebrating the Badass Bs we are. fist bumps for all. 

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  1. WAIT, BLL with a label-less bottle and grippies?!!! WHAT?!!! That's genius. How mad do you think Sarah will be if we take those to 'pamper the prego' weekend?! :) hahah! (Ps- love the pic! Beau going for the bottle, ha!)


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