Friday, May 1, 2015

Gemma's View

every once in a while i will discover some of the most beautiful pictures of myself in my camera roll:

and i'm like "omg. where did this gorgeous portrait come from?! I LOOK SO DELICATE AND FEMININE!" then i remember that i have a two-year-old who dabbles in photography from time to time when i use my phone as a babysitter. here is a gallery showcasing some of her most recent work:

Haggard Dolly

Bear In Chair

Mom's Prettiest Bathrobe & Spotless Bedroom

Mr. B 

Fine Looking Woman

Foxy Cleopatra Exxxtreme Close Up 
(taken via snapchat)

My Tired Mother

Tiny Toes 
and a book about noodles

Dat Marshall's Lyfe

Beau's Got a Boog

My Foot In J.Crew
photo #43 of 197 in burst


  1. BAHAHHAHA! Hilarious! Brilliant work Photographer Gem! :) xox.


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