Monday, May 4, 2015

what's on L's phone?!

"hi guys! look at me! smile!" is what i said.
Baby Beau is already in his convertible car seat. his long body grew right on out of his infant seat! 

 Cleopatra showing off her new summer collar.
(it's like that lone, bald dandelion puff was DYING to get in the pic)

BEAU'S FACE! he was playing quietly with his toy when somebody barged in and took over. 

those sunglasses plus the serious face (but minus the pink sparkly hair clip) make her look like a policewoman.

my peony tree bloomed and it was beautiful! when i got it last year, the man at the nursery didn't think i could keep it alive. he was like, "those can be very finicky, you might want to try something else..." but i got it anyway and it flourished! 

nothing smells better than a house filled with fresh lilacs! 

Avatar L. don't you think i am just stunning?! and i know you want that cat shirt. love this myidol app! it's all in Chinese, so it's a bit hard to navigate, but totally fun.

that Microsoft robot, however, can go screw himself. 

 JJ was away on a work trip. it had been a particularly trying day.

"help me." -Beau 

 Friday Nightz. #wineinmymug


we've been taking advantage of the sunny days around here! we've been dining alfresco on the daily.

reasons why my toddler is crying: because we left the bank.
also, she dressed herself.

lunch dates with kids. chaos. just complete chaos.

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  1. Hey I recognize that place- we love Sarducci's!! (not to mention I went to school with one too many of those Seagals on the wall, ha!) And is that a large carrot in Gem's hand in the alfresco dining pic? I'm impressed.


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