Saturday, June 6, 2015

Disneyland! Part I

last week we were strolling around Disneyland, filled with magic and happiness! this week i have a brand-new 3-year-old with an unhealthy attachment to an Elsa dress and an 8-month-old with croup. vacations can't ever end in the Hansen Household without a bang.

to celebrate Gemma's third birthday, we ditched the idea of throwing a party and we planned a little Disneyland getaway! JJ had a business meeting and we also wanted to make a trip down to visit JJ's family. three birds! one stone! 

and before i go on, i have to give some thanks. first, one giant digital hug to my dear reader Adrienne for the set of Disneyland tickets! we talked about your kindness the whole trip. what a wonderful gift you gave our family! YOU. ARE. THE. BEST. we love you. next comes JJ. he bought me another set of Disneyland tickets for my birthday last year and we never got around to going in the fall like we had originally planned. it ended up being the perfect occasion to use them! and finally i have to thank JJ's parents who put us up for a night in the ever-so-fabulous Disneyland Hotel. Gemma loved it. every time we walked by the hotel, she would yell, "MAMA IS DAT ONE OUR ROOM IN MICKEY'S VERY TALL HOUSE?!?!"

and so, an irritatingly long post about the first day of our trip in one million pictures and some babbling:

arrive in Disneyland approximately 48 minutes behind schedule. Load up the stroller. READY TO GO AND EVERYONE IS SO FUCKIN JAZZED, ESPECIALLY BEAU:

i had read over and over again how important it was to arrive early in order to get fast passes to meet Anna and Elsa before they ran out. i thought we might have missed that boat entirely since we were late, but we decided to give it a try. when we got there, the employees working the Anna and Elsa fast pass machines said, "it is incredibly empty here this morning, go on in!" and then we waited FIVE WHOLE MINUTES THAT'S IT before Gemma's dreams came true:

she was completely star struck and stared at them very seriously. probably not too far off from how i would act if i ever met Zac Efron or Jim Carrey IRL. it was the most perfect way to start off our day! (and i'll add that a few hours later, the line to meet the Frozen Gals was 135 minutes long. we got so lucky!) *sidebar: can you even imagine if your job was being Elsa? so many smiling, adoring faces all day long. so many people to love you! but then like, your work day is over and you're you again. you walk to your car in a tshirt and flip flops and no one gives a shit about who you are anymore. talk about some highs and lows in one day! i wonder if the girl(s) who play Elsa is(are) in therapy? 

we promptly walked straight into a store to buy Gemma an Elsa doll, as promised. and on we went! JJ was Eager Beaver about Cars Land, so we wandered over there to hang out with "Lightming" and the gang in Radiator Springs

we had time for a quick carousel ride before heading to Ariel's Grotto for brunch with the princesses, which was delightful(ly overpriced). 

the little bent knee! with Ariel


Snow White 

Tiana "dat girl with the very big dress" 


after paying $800 for shitty food (MY ONLY COMPLAINT ABOUT DISNEYLAND IS THE FOOD. WHYYYYYY IS IT SO SHITTY?!), we stopped for a romp in a giant treehouse:

some fun was had:

some Beausmirks were caught:

some kisses were given:

dramatic gestures were definitely not performed:


some popcorn was eaten:

some side-eye was given:

some sidewalk nursing was in order: 

a lollipop was purchased, and SOME DANCING ENSUED:

we watched the parade. Beau cared not:

our dogs were barkin' at this point, so we opted to check into the hotel for a little bit of quiet and calm rest.

we popped back out for some dinner (a nap for B) in front of a fireplace before deciding to call it a night, as the next day we were set to be up with the sun!

there were two queen beds in our room and JJ enthusiastically asked Gemma, "do you want me to sleep with YOU tonight, buddy?!" Gemma immediately responded, "no Daddy! dis is my bed. you have to sleep with Mama." burn!

assuming you actually care, Part II comin' at ya Monday.


  1. oh thank God, not the only one to nurse on the sidewalk. love the baby converse sneaks!

  2. Love this post- I can't wait to go! Love her little side smiles and smirks- so cute😍

  3. Where did you get that t-shirt that lists all of the characters' names? It is really cute.

    1. I love that shirt! I ordered it from HeyThereBabyClothing on etsy!

  4. *I* feel starstruck seeing Cars land. I need to take Joony for that and that only!

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