Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Disneyland! Part II

i said i was going to post this yesterday. so typical, Lacie.

so you'd like to keep at it with the obnoxious vacay photos? well HERE YA GO!

we were up bright and early the next day in order to make use of the extra magic hour we were awarded for staying at the Disneyland Hotel.

while Gemma was sleeping, Mickey snuck into our room and left her a birthday present on her bed! her very own Elsa dress!

we did the Dumbo ride per JJ's request:

looked at the whale's sharp teeth:

"dis is NOT a whale, mama. he is a DOLPHIN" 

got sickeningly dizzy on the teacups:

and then it was time for a little Birthday Surprise!





it was the sweetest thing i have ever seen in my entire entire entire life. if you have a daughter who loves to do girlie things, put this on her bucket list. it was the BEST!

off to see Minnie:

and Mickey. so Beau could repeatedly smack him in the face:

then a few rides on Goofy's roller coaster!

we had some jalepeno cheese stuffed pretzels...one of the very few delicious food options Disneyland has to offer.

another is the giant pickle:

hugs for Dad.

my crew on the move!

we stopped to feed Beau and change his diaper and he peed all over the stroller, which leaked into the basket below, all over Elsa and the extra snacks. dammit! that sneaky little weenie!

as the afternoon wore on, our very own Elsa began to grow a bit frosty. she chose the discreet place of RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CASTLE to have a wicked good meltdown. so we hog tied her and dragged her out of the park strapped her to my back in the Ergo, where she PTFO within 20 seconds. i got the shit end of the stick on that one, as i had to walk roughly 400 miles while carrying her. 

we sadly decided it was high time to head out. we reluctantly walked toward the exit. i bought a mug and we made our way to the car. when Gemma woke up, she was in the carseat and had peed her pants in her sleep. needless to say, the trip did not end on a high note for her. she sobbed and sobbed, "I DON'T WANNA LEAAAAAAVE!" it's hard to say goodbye to Dsienyland. it really is.

we had the best time! Disneyland is my place, man. JJ never really loved it before, but this trip definitely changed his tune. there's just something about seeing Disney through the eyes of your kids. so magical!! until next time, Mickey! we love you!


  1. Next time take her to Knott's and give her a ride on those big inner tubes! A good dousing is sure to put her in a good mood (it did for you, not for me because I had to buy you a new outfit)!

  2. HOW did you get G in an Ergo??

  3. So you might already know about these, but GET A TODDLER TULA! They are so much more comfortable after the kiddo gets too big for the Ergo! And they come in amazing prints. And if you want to go crazy with me, join the FB groups Tula Love and Tula Carriers Buy/Sell/Trade and obsess about how to get the impossible to find amazing prints. Please don't make fun of me.


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