Friday, June 12, 2015

Gemma & Beau's Room

our house is a tiny little house. when i was pregnant with Beau, the neighbors across the street asked me, "where are you going to put another baby in your house?!" i laughed and told them the kids were going to share a room. we have plenty of room for Beau! don't get me wrong, things are tight up in this bitch, and we have dreams of expanding, but we adore our tiny little house and it's perfect for us right now. 

when we brought our sweet baby boy home, we still had the vintage Barbie prints hanging over the crib. there they hung for far too long (second baby, yo). we finally got around to making his side a bit more masculine to balance out Gemma's super-girlie side, without sacrificing a somewhat cohesive feel to the room. 'twas a challenge, but i love the way it turned out. per usual, thanks to my pal Sandi for taking these pictures! 

i love these prints. they are all so special to Little Beau Blue's story :)


i lost years of my life trying to get these damn letters straight. and i promise they are. you just have to be looking at them from perrrrrrrfectly straight on. which just so happens to be nearly impossible to reach as a grown adult wielding a camera.

there it is! it has been the most perfect, cozy and peaceful little space for G&B. 

if you want to see more of this room and its transitions, check here and here.


  1. It looks so neat and clean I am wondering if they are allowed in there!

  2. Love Beau in the crib--smiley guy! This is the cutest shared room- you're a magic worker my dear friend ;) xo.

  3. my girls are going to be bunking up soon and I need some serious tips on naps and bedtime. how do you do it? just throw them in there and close the door until they figure it out?

  4. I love the nursery. Where did you get the feather crib sheet from? I live in Seattle too and ran across your blog searching for teething chewbeads :) Where did you get the wooden crochet teething necklace from?


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