Sunday, February 22, 2015

outfits by Gemma // sunday

ah. the last day. G went out with a bang! i wore my Sunday Best: a multi-colored polka dot skirt and striped skull shirt. with leopard shoes. she is not afraid to mix prints, that one! to top off the look, she added a green hoodie and a hat. WOWZA! lookin' good, L.  

we had a blast this week with our little project! i have to say, i'm looking forward to getting back into my usual mom uniform of jeans and a t-shirt, but i definitely think this won't be the last time i let my daughter dress me. sometimes after a particularly long day of frustration with a naughty toddler and time outs and no nap and meltdowns and yelling (etc. etc. etc.), i go to bed feeling like a real asshole. i worry that Gemma may only remember Mean Mom who makes her leave the park and doesn't let her get doughnut holes at the grocery store. but this--this was fun! and i want Fun Mom memories to outweigh Mean Mom memories. letting Gemma pick out my clothes for a week was the perfect time for Fun Mom to shine! and it also made our day-to-day routine a little more exciting and special. i think all moms should let their littles dress them every once in a while! 

skirt: Ann Taylor Loft, tee: Betsey Johnson, hoodie: Juicy Couture, shoes: Target, hat: Billabong

Saturday, February 21, 2015

outfits by Gemma // saturday

okay okay okay. i'll be honest. Gemma didn't pick out this entire outfit. i know, i know. boo, L! but i had a bridal shower to attend! i let her choose the dress. and she chose a very loud, very seasonally inappropriate dress. it is also not easy to nurse in. i had to hide out topless in my friend's bedroom (too many ruffles and tight straps and zippers!). anyway, after G picked this purply salsa number, i really didn't want to risk it being paired with leopard tights, so instead of giving her free range, i gave her options to choose from. i let her pick from any of my black shoes and black sweaters and i let her pick my earrings (large silver hoops that Beau thought were teething rings).

i was going to dress myself for the bridal shower this morning and let G pick out my outfit for later today, but i knew she would love looking through and choosing from all of the dresses that are usually tucked away under my bed. i simply was not brave enough to show up wearing an entirely created-by-Gemma ensemble. but even though i had to rein her in a bit for today, this is still an outfit i would not have otherwise chosen to wear to a bridal shower in February.

as i was leaving, i said to Gemma, "aren't you so special?! you got to help Mommy pick out her outfit for the very special and important meeting!" (i couldn't say the word "party" because she would have lost her shit if she'd known she was missing a party) and she grinned and looked so proud. it was so sweet.

dress: Erin Featherston for Target (old), sweater: Frenchi

as i walked out the door i said, "JJ! Gemma is still in her pajamas! if you leave the house, make sure you get her dressed!" and so while Beau and i were gone, JJ and two friends took her out for pizza. in her pajamas. "it's fine, she's wearing a tutu," said JJ.

glitter. everything's better with glitter. in case you were wondering.

Friday, February 20, 2015

outfits by Gemma // friday

today my outfit was very eclectic

Gemma grabbed these pants first thing and i nearly cried with excitement. after wearing a dress with boning that barely zipped yesterday, these swishy genie pants were a welcome change. next came the Victoria's Secret "i only kiss Dodger fans" t-shirt. oy. this thing is like wayyyy tight. a snug-fitting, midriff-baring tee that i hang onto for two reasons: 1. because you know, just in case i go to another Dodger game anytime soon and 2. because JJ's Facebook profile pic for the last 800 years has been this:

and we were at a Dodger game together and my hair is dyed black and we're young and cute and JJ's fluffy hair peeking out of his hat and his red shorts and--DAMMIT L JUST SHUP UP. i am finding that i hold onto way too many articles of clothing based on sentimentality. 

anyway. she picked this shirt because of the "sparkles" (which are on the word "Dodger"). when my sister CA said to Gemma, "wow! Mommy's shirt is so beautiful! look at the jewels!" G got all serious attitude and said, "NO. dees are not JEWELS, dey're SPARKLES." things hang a bit...differently than when i was 22, so i was forced to suck in a bit today while wearing this shirt. also i feel like maybe this shirt is better suited for a single 19-year-old?

Gemma loves this flower crown and often times gets it out of my drawer for herself, and the Chewbeads necklace was a total thrill because i forgot i had it and Beauzerini munched on it all morning. the yellow flats are another favorite of Gemma's, she wears them all over the house. and i love this sweater. i think she picked it because she knows i love it, which is so sweet.

we went shopping at UVillage this morning with my mom and sister CA, and i was definitely feeling like a looked a bit crazy in some of the nicer stores we stopped into. i did get one full, shameless up-and-down look from a mom in the play area, but i have to say, after looking at these pictures that Gemcake took, i think i look kind of OK. a little edgy--like i am way too cool to even care that i don't match. yeah? maybe?

pants: Target, tee: Victoria's Secret, sweater: UO, shoes: Tory Burch, homemade flower crown

God only knows what my dear child will put me in for the wedding shower i'm attending tomorrow morning.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

outfits by Gemma // thursday

"that's a beautiful color, Mommy," Gemma said to me as she reached back into the deep dark depths of my closet. she pulled out the pinkest, fluffiest, frilliest, girlie thing i own. i smiled and cringed at the same time because it's the dress i wore to Senior Ball in college with JJ. it even had an old beer stain on it for good measure. let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

so many things to address here. JJ's hair. and PINSTRIPED SUIT hahahahahaaa. my a-line bob, blackberry pearl and can of sparks.  

nice camera. 

 with our pals. so, so young.

look at that crusty backdrop. hahahahahahaaaa! AND THAT BIG DUMB PINK BOW in my hair. just hilarious. 

anyway, back to February 2015. G picked out the dress and a fur vest and big, tall black high heels. which just wasn't going to work for a day at toddler group. i told her i needed arm and leg coverage and reasonable shoes. she picked out the same pink polka-dotted tights i wore on monday and a grey hoodie. she then picked cowboy boots, but changed her mind at the last second and chose these booties. this is definitely the most interesting outfit she's picked this week. when i asked her if she would take pictures of me she said, "ummmmm maybe not today." so my mom took these of me and my little stylist.

dress: Betsey Johnson, hoodie: Alternative Earth, vest: AE, tights: Kate Spade, booties: Target

yeeeeeesh! i was definitely an eyeful today! 

*side story* my friend Mel and her daughter came to family night at school and brought Mel's in-laws. this morning at work, her husband's dad said to him, "that Gemma's mom is a real character! she was wearing a tutu and boots to family night!" hahhahahahahhahahahaha 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

outfits by Gemma // wednesday

disclaimer: again, today i cheated a little bit. we went to Ash Wednesday mass and i did not in fact, waltz into church wearing the following outfit. however, i fully intend on wearing it to Family Night at Gemma's toddler group this evening. i'm anticipating the gawkers already. aye yi yi.

today...i learned that it's probably high time i got rid of some of the pink tutu skirts i have in my closet. i have to say i do love this one, and Gemma styled it in a way that i couldn't possibly have dreamed up on my own. a little Mickey, a little leopard (the scarf--it's kind of hard to see in these photos), some thigh-high socks and pink rainboots. G Money was on a mission this morning. she knew exactly what she wanted. she handed me the sweater and skirt without hesitation. i saw her eyeing my scarves, so i asked her, "want Mommy to wear a scarf today?" and she replied, "yes dat cheetah one." she was momentarily hung up on some lace-top thigh-high stockings (college Halloween, you know), but i shut that one down immediately to avoid looking like a lady of the night. i offered up these substitute thigh-highs, and she conceded. i looked at myself in the mirror and laughed. Gemma laughed too. i think she was quite pleased with her choices.

she really really REALLY likes it when i jump.

final thoughts: i look a bit like a Harajuku girl, yes?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

outfits by Gemma // tuesday

disclaimer: i sort of cheated. early this morning we had an appointment with the principal of Gemma's new school, so i dressed myself. i didn't want him to think i was a total assclown. but as soon as the meeting was over, we went straight home to change, i promise!

today Gemma wanted "polkapolkapolkapolka dots" and "fluffy pink heart coat" and "pink pants" and "oh yeah, dat big hat" (whose brim does not fit into the door frame of the car FYI). in Gemstone's world, there is nary a day that is too boring for a fancy hat! she picked the same necklace as yesterday, which is the worst necklace to wear while nursing Baby Beau. i end up having to swing it behind me while he eats. which was precisely the scene when i was almost strangled to death by Gemma, as she was climbing over the booth of the bakery we were sitting in, and got her boot caught on the necklace, crushing all 900 of those beads against my delicate windpipe. christalmighty, you cannot take us anywhere. 

when i asked her what shoes she wanted me to wear, she told me "cowboy boots." so i put on my cowboy boots. she said, "no, not those cowboy boots, THESE cowboy boots," and handed me the Minnetonkas. which seemed like a great time for a history lesson, but we were running late. 

she was in a terrible mood when we were taking pictures, and was purposefully lazy about making sure i was actually in the frame. i told her if she did it right, i would give her a piece of candy. nope, didn't work. i promised her coins for her coin purse. and a treat from her "valentimes bag," an extra Peppa Pig, a Lamborghini. i was met with nothing but contempt. i finally threw up my hands and said, "FORGET IT! YOU ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK WITH! I'M FINISHED!" i'm really hoping none of my neighbors were outside during this little tête-à-tête.

ANYWAY, without further ado, here is how Miss G dressed me today for a doughnut date and a romp in the park with some friends:

and then some dogshit caught her eye and she took a photo of that.

and then i walked over to her and begged her to just take a couple more pictures PLEASE and so she took a blurry one of my butt as i was walking away.

and then she took one hundred shots in my general direction, but none actually of me. so i leaned into the very last shot before she dropped the phone and ran inside.

hat: TJ Maxx, top/necklace: Nordstrom Rack, bolero: H&M, pants: Ambercrombie, Minnetonka boots

Monday, February 16, 2015

outfits by Gemma // monday

last week my cousin's girlfriend posted this article to my Facebook with the simple caption: "make this happen." as soon as i read the title, i knew i would be totally game. i absolutely fell in LOVE with the idea, and i knew Gemma would too.

so, this morning we embarked on a new journey: Gemma gets to pick out my clothes (and accessories) for a week! and as a bonus, not only is she my stylist, but she is also my photographer. 

today i said to her, "OK Gemma, are you going to pick out mommy's outfit?!" she said, "YEAHMOMMYPINK!" and she delivered on her promise. originally she had me in just the skirt and rain boots, but i told her it was going to be too cold on my legs (and also the skirt is just too short. the last time i wore it was to my friend's bachelorette party...i really did not need to be the hussy mom at the playground at 10 am). i insisted on tights, and she yelled at me "NO MOMMY. IT'S NOT TOO COLD ON YOUR LEGS MOMMY. HERE, WEAR DIS," and she handed me a fur vest. while i appreciated the sentiment, our playdate outside really did require legwear. so after some digging, we finally found a pair of tights with pink polka dots on them that she begrudgingly allowed.  

after i was dressed, she said, "turn around now mommy." i did a slow twirl, and she giggled, "oh that's good!"   


i was telling her to make sure to get the boots in the picture:


skirt: F21, tee: Old Navy, tights: Kate Spade, Hunter Boots, necklace: Nordstrom Rack, sunglasses: Juicy Couture

all in all, it was a gloriously girlie day in my 50 Shades of Pink. Gemma was proud of her creation, and i loved watching her look through my closet to pick the things she liked best. 

also, i have a strong suspicion that this isn't the end of the pink overload. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Galentine's Day!

today is Galantine's Day! thanks Leslie Knope!

today, i challenge you: send a heartfelt text or email or handwritten letter to the wonderful women in your life and tell them how much they mean to you. tell them how much you appreciate them and adore them. let's spread the lady love today! xo

Thursday, February 12, 2015

bless baby beau

this is mostly a post for sadcxgv3saCVXQ (Gemma says hi) myself so that i can document and thus remember forever, this momentous date. we took a quick trip down to southern California for Baby Beau's baptism, which was January 31. 

we were going to use the Rover service for Cleo, but when we went to the lady's house for a meet n greet, my dumb dog ran inside and promptly peed on her oriental rug. so that was that, and we took the idiot with us.

the alaksa air terminal was verrrrrry festive! G loved it.

and Beau got his own seat. lucky!

it was a divine little weekend. there was lots of this:

JJ's parents even had some special Beauwine made for the occasion!

i ended up wearing a Lauren Conrad satin jumpsuit from Kohl's ($8, circa 5 years ago). it looks cute in this picture below, but all the other pictures of the jumpsuit are so appalling. the satin is just so...satiny. it looks so cheap and shiny in all the pictures that we will have forever and ever of Beau's special day. OF COURSE. well what did you expect, L?! what did you expect?!?!!?!!!

anyway, enough about you, L. SHEESH. THIS POST IS ABOUT BEAU. anyway, the entire time JJ's great uncle Bishop Joe was speaking during the ceremony, B stared up at him and appeared to be listening intently. it was so so so SO cute.

and he was so pleasant for the whole thing! he didn't even cry, the little dear. 

and JJ's mom found the family baptism gown that's 40 years old and Beauzerini just looked like a darling little doll in it. except the hat was a bit tight on his enormous dome. 

JJ is so serious, i'm so like, overzealous mom, and Beau and Bishop Joe are so Lion King.

and this little girl!!!!!! there's just so much personality in that tiny little human.

Nannie & Gemma & Grandma. 

and then JJ's parents threw a perfect little party for our main man, B. so fun! we have such great families! thanks to everyone for coming!

on Sunday we woke up and drove to Huntington Beach where my mom was running a marathon. she ran so fast that we completely missed her at the finish line. it was Super Bowl sunday, so we played on the beach for a bit and had lunch before heading back to JJ's parents house to watch the game.

go mom go! 

Gemma & Bear & my sausage foot

this BEAST onesie from my friend Gerrie, though. isn't it hilarious?! 

and what a sad, sad ending for the Hawks. we won't get into it here. too soon for my readers who are 12s.

we wanted to go to Disneyland, but you know, the measles. so we went to the Santa Barbara zoo instead, where we paid $10 for a piece of lettuce to feed a giraffe. his name was Michael! that is not a giraffe name.

and thanks to JJ's brother and his wife who let us borrow their daughter's swing, Beau had the perfect little outdoor oasis setup. 

it was the most wonderful weekend celebrating our newest little Catholic baby. love you Little Beau Blue!

gems from gemma

well today i did something i have never done before!!!!!

i changed a shitty diaper with wet fingernails. and not one smudge!


what? you aren't impressed? whatever shut up. i'm adding it to my resume.

Gemma has been doing pretty well with potty training round 2, although she saves up her poops for nap time. today we spent 20 minutes on the toilet before nap time, and she pooped! we clapped and we cheered and we fist bumped and i put her down for nap and painted my nails. and then she pooped again. honestly. it's like she squeezes them out because she knows i have to go in there and change her.

today was Valentine Party day at school! and we made these:

gems from Gemma! i got the ring erasers from target, and found the free heart printable HERE. i love them so much. the play on words with her name is just perfect. we had so much fun with these! 

my little love dressed in pink and red. and when i told her she was adorable, she said, "no i'm not adorable mommy, i'm a love cake." 

and here's Baby Beau looking outrageously handsome and happy. 

while we're on the subject of these children, here is a shot of each at around the same age. they are such sweethearts. and they definitely look like siblings. i love them!!!

TGIT! without spoiling it for anyone who hasn't seen all recent episodes...has anyone else gotten completely scared while watching Scandal lately?!?! omg. nightmares! i'm such a baby. also, while we're on the topic of shows, i dropped PLL. when Hannah's mom slept with Jason, i yelled COME ONNNN at the TV and promptly canceled my DVR from recording all future episodes. one might say to me, "but L, you clearly like to watch shows that should have been canceled long ago. for instance, you still watch Grey's..." and to that, i say, just leave me alone.
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