Thursday, May 14, 2015


JJ had a pretty damn good day, if i do say so myself. Beau woke us up at 6 a.m. and we started our day off with some coffee.

then i spent an hour running around like a headless chicken in the kitchen, trying to get breakfast organized. thanks to tips from many friends and readers, i successfully made oven bacon! and had it not been for the...ahem...8 p.m. Taco Bell run last night that was an absolutely regrettable gut bomb, JJ would have eaten all the pieces. i used our wedding china (there's a first for everything) and even our wedding champagne flutes.

i have to say, i surprised myself with my presentation. i think my friend's sister-in-law would give me a pat on the back for this one! JJ loved his odd assortment of gifts and Gemma was so kind to help him open all of them. 

we said goodbye to our birthday guy and off to work he went. 

only to pick him up at noon to surprise him with a new suitcase, a birthday package from his parents and to treat him to lunch at his favorite spot--Nordstrom Cafe. the place was overcrowded with women and babies, but by God, JJ wanted his beef dip sandwich. so we ordered our food and Gemma colored on the wall with blue crayon patiently waited. 

later we went for a stroll through the mall and i headed to the gap to spend some gapcash, while JJ took the kids to the candy store across the way. very clever, the placement of that candy shop. right next to gap kids and the play area. i came out with some cute clothes for the kids and JJ came out with some chocolate covered sunflower seeds and chocolate covered honeycomb. i gave him a "wtf kind of candy is this?!" look and he just stared at me with the familiar exasperated look that means "there was just nothing i could do. Gemma made the decisions." 

when JJ got home that night we celebrated with some pink ice cream cake (again, Gemma made the decisions)

then JJ and Gem broke in the new Hello Kitty paddle ball rackets

and after we lost both of the Hello Kitty balls, JJ left for his hockey game. my sister is in town so she stayed home with Beau while G and i went to support JJ. Go Kodiaks!

winter coats in May!

usually his games are late at night (like 10 or 11 pm late), so we don't go. his game last night started at 7:45, which is 15 minutes before bedtime, but we let her stay up because she loooooooooves watching JJ play hockey.

she sat calmly and quietly the whole game

and gave Daddy a high five after the game. she was absolutely tickled to see him up close and geared up. and JJ was thrilled to have a little fan club.

Gemma fell asleep in the car on the way home while singing along to the Frozen soundtrack, but had no problem snapping right awake and yelling at me for turning the radio on.

it was a fine day to turn 29. happy birthday JJ, we love ya!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

birthday bacon

i was going to write about our weekend yesterday, but then i realized that JJ'S BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW and i thought i was being all cute buying him a pair of tropical printed underpants, but then THEN two things happened: 1. JJ made my Mother's Day so so so soooo perfect and 2. i saw a picture that my friend's sister-in-law posted on instagram of an immaculately beautiful birthday breakfast for her husband complete with CHINA and MIMOSAS and A PERFECT STACK OF BLUEBERRY PANCAKES and FANCY WRAPPED PRESENTS and EVEN BACON OMG SHE WINS and i was like ok. oooook, L. to HELL with your damn tropical underpants! you need to step up your damn game. and so i spent yesterday and today running around like a loon getting shit together for JJ's birthday.

and i am using that gorgeous birthday spread as inspiration. i am going to serve breakfast on the china tomorrow, and i'm going to make chocolate croissants from scratch (ha ha ha ha! nah, jus playin. i got some frozen ones at Trader Joe's). i tried to pick out some presents today, but Gemma was very convincing in her quest to get Daddy some Hello Kitty merchandise. i spent like 8 minutes staring blankly at the bacon selection at QFC and finally just real quick picked up a package and tossed it into my cart and guess what?! i didn't even gag. i have no idea how to cook bacon. not a clue. we'll see how that one goes. 

anyway, the weekend.

my dear, dear friend is getting married on New Year's Eve, and i got to witness her "say yes to the dress" moment! it's a beautiful dress and she's a beautiful person and i can't wait to see her walk down the aisle.

we went grocery shopping under the supervision of a miniature dictator "NOT DAT ONE WATERMELON DADDY, THE OTHER ONE WATERMELON" 

Beau had his first swing ride. he's so pleasant. he just sat there surveying the land and occasionally emitted a happy sigh.

we spent a lot of time outside in the sun on a big quilt in the backyard. a quilt that was lovingly made by my mom's good friend. there's a picture of us on the quilt and on Saturday it was bunched up in just the right place to make me look exactly like an ogre and JJ a caveman. hahahahhahahahahahaha!

we got plenty of Frozen re-enactments including this one: "Elsa's like dis." took me a minute, but i figured it out. (had to cover up the girls with a drawing of some actual girls)

i had a wonderful Mother's Day! JJ brought me eggs benedict in bed, i opened some presents, we went to church, bummed around U Village where G and i shared our favorite $800 smoothie from Evolution Fresh, lazed around soaking up the sun in the backyard and ate pizza for dinner. it was perfect.

a sweet and thoughtful friend even came to my house to drop off a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers! i love my two little babies and their cute dad. my heart is full.

i swept the house after the kids went to bed (a mother's work is never done...even on Mother's Day amiriiiite?!)

and was equal parts astonished, disgusted and impressed. this is what our floor accumulated in TWO days:

BLL for life.

yesterday Gemma woke up wanting a special breakfast just like i had the day before. and so i made one for her.

it was a good one, that weekend!

now, off to google bacon. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

cheers to the mothers


G Money's third birthday is nearly here (WHAT?! THREE?!) and i've been trolling Amazon for some summer toys as presents, and can i just ask you something? do you ever find yourself deep within an Amazon rabbit hole at 11 pm wherein which you decide that definitely 100% I need that $200 electric toothbrush that can be charged via usb yes, it's going on my wish list right now... or is that just me?

we spent the morning at the beach! i didn't pack Gemma's swimsuit and she was just filthy with water and sand, so she partied like a white trash baby in The Emergency Leggings i always have in the diaper bag in case she pees her pants while we're out.

the beach was much warmer than we thought it was going to be--the perfect spring day that felt like summer!

and speaking of summer...i am just TICKLED that BLL season has returned. and with a new, label-less bottle! it even has curves. 

can always count on Beau for a subtle beer grab and Gemma for a subtle "F-you"

if you're anything like me, the Mother's Day celebrations have already begun. it's a Mother's Day Weekend around here, much to JJ's chagrin. DARLING, FETCH ME A GLASS OF WATER? BE A DEAR AND BRING ME A COOKIE? I LOVE YOU! AND ALSO CAN YOU RUB MY FEET MAYBE? he's a lucky fellow. my kiddles already gave me the best present; this loving and tender embrace caught at JJ's office today, just in time before Gemma ripped off her shirt and ran around topless, scream-singing Let It Go. the yoga studio next door loves it when we come to visit.

cheers to the mothers! it's fun to have a day dedicated to celebrating the Badass Bs we are. fist bumps for all. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

a few of our favorite things

The Beau Edition
(no affiliates, just mine and Beau's honest-to-goodness favorites)

1. Kidsme Food Feeder: this thing is the GREATEST. we use it every single day, multiple times a day. It's basically a 100% better version of those terrible netted feeders that get banana stuck in them and turn rotten and brown and gross.

2. Organic Farm Buddy: this adorable little raccoon was a present from a good friend, and Beau looooooves sucking on its various appendages.

3. BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance: our old baby bouncer was a literal HAZARD. the legs stuck out so awkwardly, and JJ and i stubbed our toes nearly every day on the damn thing. JJ's mom tripped over it and nearly broke her neck when she was here helping me with the kids after B was born. the vibrating and music eventually stopped working, and it was all bent out of shape from when it caught JJ's mom on her way down. needless to say, i was delighted to throw that MFer out. our neighbors have this one and dubbed it their absolute fave baby product, so i took their word for it and i'm so glad i did. it's the best. it folds completely flat for the easiest storage ever, it has settings that will accommodate a child until age 2, and best of all, IT HAS STUBBED NO TOES THUS FAR! Beau is always always happy when he's in his bouncer--it's awesome!

4. BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance: when i purchased the bouncer (which JJ's thoughtful mom ended up paying for, so nice!), i got some Kohl's i picked up this attachment and it's surprisingly great! Beau loves banging away on the little toys. i cannot say enough great things about this bouncer and toy set!

5. Comotomo Teether: those prongs are like little textured nipples. cheap thrills. Baby Beau loves this teether the most.

6. Zutano Booties: i had heard about these booties from several people, but until i got a pair for Beau, i did not realize how perfectly wonderful they really are! so cozy and they actually stay on pretty well!

7. Kickee Pants Hat: well actually anything from Kickee Pants, really. their shit is sooooo soft. we have a blanket too, and it's so snuggly. Beau is always wearing a hat, and this one is the best. it stays in place and he doesn't whine when he wears it, so it must be comfortable.

8. Aden + Anais Bamboo Dream Blanket: Beau loves his blankets. he and Gemma both sleep with the A+A bamboo swaddles right over their faces. it terrifies us on a nightly basis. Once Beau outgrew swaddling, we put him in a sleep sack, but he was not a fan. he wanted his feet free. so we got him the dream blanket. to all ye naysayers: i know, no blankets in the crib until age 1. but the man wants what he wants! i got this one because it's warm yet breathable.  

Monday, May 4, 2015

what's on L's phone?!

"hi guys! look at me! smile!" is what i said.
Baby Beau is already in his convertible car seat. his long body grew right on out of his infant seat! 

 Cleopatra showing off her new summer collar.
(it's like that lone, bald dandelion puff was DYING to get in the pic)

BEAU'S FACE! he was playing quietly with his toy when somebody barged in and took over. 

those sunglasses plus the serious face (but minus the pink sparkly hair clip) make her look like a policewoman.

my peony tree bloomed and it was beautiful! when i got it last year, the man at the nursery didn't think i could keep it alive. he was like, "those can be very finicky, you might want to try something else..." but i got it anyway and it flourished! 

nothing smells better than a house filled with fresh lilacs! 

Avatar L. don't you think i am just stunning?! and i know you want that cat shirt. love this myidol app! it's all in Chinese, so it's a bit hard to navigate, but totally fun.

that Microsoft robot, however, can go screw himself. 

 JJ was away on a work trip. it had been a particularly trying day.

"help me." -Beau 

 Friday Nightz. #wineinmymug


we've been taking advantage of the sunny days around here! we've been dining alfresco on the daily.

reasons why my toddler is crying: because we left the bank.
also, she dressed herself.

lunch dates with kids. chaos. just complete chaos.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Gemma's View

every once in a while i will discover some of the most beautiful pictures of myself in my camera roll:

and i'm like "omg. where did this gorgeous portrait come from?! I LOOK SO DELICATE AND FEMININE!" then i remember that i have a two-year-old who dabbles in photography from time to time when i use my phone as a babysitter. here is a gallery showcasing some of her most recent work:

Haggard Dolly

Bear In Chair

Mom's Prettiest Bathrobe & Spotless Bedroom

Mr. B 

Fine Looking Woman

Foxy Cleopatra Exxxtreme Close Up 
(taken via snapchat)

My Tired Mother

Tiny Toes 
and a book about noodles

Dat Marshall's Lyfe

Beau's Got a Boog

My Foot In J.Crew
photo #43 of 197 in burst
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